Ömer Başkul, the rising hip-hop artist, stepping as a young entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing

March 20 05:57 2021

Ömer Başkul is an emerging hip-hop star who dived deeply into the music world to make something entertaining and creative for his audience. He becomes popular with his track Çukurdalar and recently he released his two new music albums “tear to endless” and “fooling yourself”. Ömer Başkul said during an interview that music nourishes the soul. He has published 18 tracks until now and all the tracks achieved great success. Ömer Başkul is a success-focused entrepreneur and high-performance young hip hop star. He aims for strengthening brands with the latest strategies and personalization approach. 

Ömer Başkul was born on 26th November 1999 and he was 13 years old only when he steps into the music world. His father recognized his singing talent and guided him to pursue music from this young age. Ömer Başkul has signed many musical works and he gets a positive response from the audience. He indulges in the music deeply and this rising hip-hop star creates new things in his music to develop amazing content for his listeners. His father left him in 2015 and now he is creating soulful music content to make his father proud. According to Ömer Başkul, the secret of his success is his father.

Ömer Başkul is both musician as well and an entrepreneur. He founded the Sacli agency Media Company with the partnership of Ahmet Sacli, as an entrepreneur at the age of 20 and serving as the CEO of the company. With the help of this media agency, he is growing his business in the digital space and building a powerful identity in the social media world. One of the well-known projects on which Ömer Başkul is working is a website called İş Adresim. This website helps the business to increase its value and aims to provide a specific digital identity to each business. 

During this global health pandemic, the digital marketing industry has become more useful than ever. Every business and to maintain the position in the industry require knowledge of digital marketing. A young entrepreneur like Ömer Başkul, can increase its business potential and provide the best results to all of its customers.  In this digital world, Omer Baskul left no stone unturned to emerge brands to an online environment and served these brands with the best innovative digital solutions in the organization and services. Ömer Başkul believes that success is equivalent to goals set and the steps of those whose dreams are small become small!

Ömer Başkul came from a modest family in Hatay, Turkey.  He studies diction and acting at Bashket University and after completing studies he became an entrepreneur and launched two mobile applications. One mobile app is used to reveal the digital identity of the company and the second app helps people to recognize their identity, that which activity is best for them. He has the skills to make any business profitable and these characteristics have changed his life forever. According to Ömer Başkul, those who set small goals are small in their steps. But those with big dreams make big strides ! If you set your dream small, you will already stay there.

His creative media agency provides many useful services to the business such as branding and designing, PR, Event management, website development, social media marketing, content creation, influencer marketing, and many more. Omer Baskul had not any proper educational background in marketing; he worked himself for the upgrade of the firm. He constantly tried day and night and found more creative digital services for the brands, which turned Ömer Başkul into the expert entrepreneur of this field.

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