Ray Behan; Beating Against All Odds, Transforming Lives And Rewiring Minds

March 23 15:27 2021

In the quest to find and interview remarkable people from around the world, Ray Behan stands out as an individual who is making a lasting impact in the lives of many. A gifted speaker, author and educator, for over two decades Ray has worked with students from across the globe, presented his work on four continents, written five e-books, designed eight leading-edge courses, created 50 deeply transformative mediations and is building the THINK AND GROW EDUCATION movement. Ray’s unique teachings focus on quantum physics, human consciousness, optimal health, mindset and neuroscience, as well as the interconnectedness between these fascinating disciplines. The result being that Ray’s students are able to literally rewire their minds, alter their life’s journey and discover the answers to their most pressing questions. In fact, many have experienced profound shifts within their health; helping them to heal and recover from disease and illness. Ray Behan has shared his reflections and life changing advice in an interview.

Speaking to crowds of up to a thousand at a time, Ray’s method of teaching is centred on four fundamental human needs; Health, Personal Relationships, Abundance, and Mindset. Through his practical approach, he is able to guide his students to create lasting shifts within each essential area to alter their lives for the better. 

Importantly, his transformative methods are simple, powerful and incredibly effective. Using meditation and science, based on quantum physics, Ray’s real-world teachings allow students to reshape mental attitudes in a way that is easy to understand and implement. The power of the techniques and knowledge he shares result directly from his own extraordinary personal journey. This is because his experiences have taught him certain fundamental truths which he lives by and shares with his students to this day. 

Yet, at the heart of it, his message to the world is simple: 

“Each and everyone one of us has the ability to take back control of our minds, to change our lives in an instant. Which means, there’s only one difference between a person living an ordinary life and a person living an extraordinary life; one has learned to control their mind while the other hasn’t.”

However, what really sets Ray Behan’s workshops and presentations apart is the clarity of his teaching and the journey on which he takes his audience. To better understand these ideas and how they work, it is necessary to learn more about the man himself.

Ray Behan was born and raised amid the tough working-class streets of inner-city Dublin, within a close-knit Catholic family. His first major hurdle came at the age of seven, when he suffered a significant head injury due to a fall. After spending several weeks in hospital recovering, it soon became apparent that he had damaged his brain and developed serious learning disabilities.

No longer able to retain or process new information as he once had, his teachers and school peers chose to humiliate him for his disability. The teachers would ask him questions to ridicule and mock him. Then, when he failed to answer correctly, they would tell the class, “Make sure you do your homework or you’ll end up stupid like Behan.” After eight years of this mental abuse at the hands of his teachers, they had effectively destroyed his confidence and sense of self-worth. 

The constant stress, fear of bullying and abuse consequently led to Ray developing temporal lobe epilepsy. This condition only made matters worse for him. His teachers would mock and ridicule him, telling him he would never make anything of his life. However, although his experience at school was horrendous, it also taught him the lifelong lesson of how to manage fear and control his emotions.

Once out of school, Ray’s condition made it hard for him to learn a particular trade or hold down a job. After finding himself in a challenging apprenticeship, a charismatic Dublin-based entrepreneur met Ray and took him under his wing. From this point forward, Ray studied under his mentor, learning about how people think, the power of communication and how to build wealth. Yet, he was still considered as an outsider in the affluent circles of Dublin. Rejected due to his humble background, he learnt to stay focused and stand up for himself. This is what laid down his strong personal foundation.

Due to a desire to better manage his temporal lobe epilepsy, with the intention of becoming medication free, Ray developed a deep interest in the brain and its workings. This later led to an interest in consciousness, from there he became fascinated with quantum physics. What he discovered was life-changing.

Through the power of meditation, Ray was able to literally rewire his brain over time to function normally without medication. This was something he previously had thought was impossible. Immediately after coming off medication, he was aware that something had changed within his brain. His doctor did a series of scans and confirmed that Ray had completely beaten epilepsy.

During this process, Ray met his partner, Antonella, and together they began conducting small workshops to share what Ray had learned. However, Antonella was then diagnosed with leukaemia. The news hit hard, and her health went downhill rapidly. Until one evening Antonella’s doctors said that it may well be her last; her organs were shutting down, her brain’s balance centres were malfunctioning, her white blood cell count was 840, (a healthy person’s is between 4 and 11) and she weighed just 47 kilos. She was literally dying.

Too scared to sleep, Ray and Antonella began to map out her entire future life. Ray was convinced that her illness was a message for her to make major changes, because Antonella hated her job as an accountant and was not living true to her dreams. Ray assured her she would get through this challenge, that her leukaemia was a sign to follow her heart and listen to the messages her illness brought her. He persuaded her that if she changed her beliefs, perceptions and emotions, she would transform her life completely.

Antonella survived the next 24 hours and a few weeks later, she was out of the hospital and began meditating. Over the following years, Antonella continued her healing journey and recovered from leukaemia.

His experience with Antonella’s recovery, combined with his own, convinced Ray that negative thoughts could lead to a negative life. He understood that the body became addicted to negativity, and future life-paths therefore followed the same downward route. But now, he knew how things could be changed.

Everything fell into place. Ray knew that he had to teach this breakthrough information to others. He and Antonella began presenting their workshops for growing numbers of people, both nationally and internationally. 

As Ray says, “Most people go about their days -which turn into years, which roll over to decades- in an unconscious state of mind, to which their body responds. They then delusionally   rely upon the very mindset which caused all of their issues in the first place, to fix the problem.” When asked to clarify this point he explains, “Within the first 10 years of our lives our minds become indoctrinated to the beliefs of our early childhood guardians. By following their beliefs we activate the same chemicals which resulted in their feeling of low self-worth, guilt, shame, anger, regret, jealousy and failure. These feelings then drive our conscious adult minds onto the same trajectory as our guardians. Therefore, we cannot declare that we are independent people making independent decisions with an independent mind, when in fact the perceptions of the mind are a mirror image of those of our guardians.  We end up for the most part, living out their lives. For this reason, our negative emotions are all based on false perceptions, which eventually cause illness and disease. These negative emotions also become roadblocks to change. Most people get stuck at these, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

He further explains that the brain’s impulses are electrical, but emotions in the body are chemical; thoughts trigger the release of these chemicals. Therefore, people’s bodies can become addicted to negative feelings based on previous experiences. Internal chemistry is a hard habit to break. Ray teaches people how to remould and reshape their minds, bodies and ultimately, their futures by breaking these habits and rewiring their minds. He does this at his Meditation and Mindset workshops which specifically addresses the four human needs as mentioned

The first is Health. Everyone wants to be healthy and live a long life. As Ray had learned from personal experience, the mind is linked to the body and directly influences health.

The second is Relationships. People usually want to improve or change their current relationship or find a future one. Ray teaches how to achieve this with an internal mental shift.

Then it comes to Abundance and Wealth. There is a destructive mindset that states, “A state of Abundance is hard to achieve.” If this is believed, then it becomes the believer’s reality. This belief can be changed, and abundance can be attained.

Then there is Mindset and Quantum Physics. As Ray says, “Quantum physics is the science that explains how the human mind affects the material world. Quantum mechanics is the process that allows the human mind to affect the material world.” 

In Ray’s workshops these linked ideas and processes are taught, then implemented. Through meditation, the mindset can be transformed to effect new, more positive emotions. The body learns this new message, and by continually feeding it, it becomes addicted to the new experience instead.

But these four fundamentals are only the beginning.  There is so much more. 

Most recently, he has been conducting extraordinary research within his workshops to prove his theory that releasing long held negative emotions has a direct effect on the human body. Using his unique style of meditation, combined with exact weight measurement, workshop guests are weighed before and after a 90 minute meditation.  The results have seen guests lose from 300 grams to 1.7 kilos (3.3 pounds) in a matter of hours. This is one of many new research experiments he is currently conducting.  At the same time, Ray has developed his own method which allows participants to identify long held unseen negative perceptions with his Affirmation Collapse Process.

Ray’s teachings empower students to change emotions quickly, but the journey continues through online learning and more in-depth workshops. His work has proven to be incredibly popular and his events are changing lives. Ray Behan’s ground-breaking work is being accessed by more and more people and we believe his story has just begun.

Ray is currently writing his life story and teachings as a book, “The Man Who Changed His Brain,” due for release in 2021.


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