Painter Pierre Paul Marchini Launches His Own Sales Channel

March 23 17:30 2021
Legendary French artist, Pierre Paul Marchini, announces the launch of his personal sales channel as he fights the exploitation of artists by the “art world”

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French artist Pierre-Paul Marchini is best known for his large oil paintings that express vivid colors and light. His skillful way of capturing the luster and brilliance of light within his work has stood him out over the years. Pierre Paul Marchini looks set to disrupt the art world again as he recently launched his own sales channel to liberate himself from the exploitative “art world.” 

Art is described as a way of expressing one’s perception of different subjects. Over the years, several artists have emerged to deliver amazing pieces to art lovers across the globe. Pierre Paul Marchini has undoubtedly disrupted the arts industry, with his masterful work becoming a visual beacon of light and hope, emanating brilliance and illumination that invokes obscure reflections and imaginary landscapes. The veteran has taken a huge step towards charting a new course in the global art market with the launch of his sales channel. 

After two decades of exhibiting and trade fairs, Pierre Paul Marchini denounces the abuses of this elitist milieu exploiting artists and preventing the general public from acquiring works at prohibitive prices. He is looking to make quality artworks easily accessible to people by getting rid of the middlemen, ensuring that art lovers do not have to break the bank to acquire their favorite pieces. 

Marchini’s works are featured in numerous galleries, museums, and private collections worldwide. He also exhibits his works regularly in Parisian galleries. In 2012, he exhibited at the Fiac and went on to win the third prize of painting at the grand international contemporary art competition in 2014. His works were also listed in the 2015 edition of the contemporary artists’ dictionary. 

Pierre Paul Marchini currently lives and works in Ajaccio, the capital city on the French island of Corsica, located in the Mediterranean Sea. The unique light that shines on the island and the harmonious blend of French and Italian culture provides an inspirational atmosphere, offering him an extraordinary palette of colors. 

Marchini has mastered the art of diverting the theory of colors and exploring each material to create a rupture with traditional tools. Marchini’s application with a palette knife allows him to build and structure larger surface areas, with his emotion and focus on inner energy, and contemplation, helping him to create expressive, lyrical, and thoughtful paintings. 

For more information about the works from Pierre Paul Marchini as well as the sales channel, please visit Facebook. 

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