How to solve the problem of oil spots on the fabric surface during weaving?

April 02 13:40 2021

Many weaving factories will encounter such a problem in the process of weaving. What should people do if oil spots appear on the cloth surface during weaving?

So let’s first understand why oil spots occur and how to solve the problem of oil spots on the fabric surface during weaving.

Causes of oil spots

When the fixing bolt of the syringe is not firm or the sealing gasket of the syringe is damaged, oil leakage or oil seepage under the large plate is caused.

The gear oil in the main plate is leaking somewhere.

Floating flying flowers and oil mist gather together and fall into the fabric being woven. After being squeezed by the cloth roll, the oil penetrates into the cloth (if it is a roll cloth, the cotton oil mass will continue to spread in the cloth roll. Penetrate to other layers of fabric).

Water or a mixture of water, oil and rust in the compressed air provided by the air compressor drips onto the fabric.

Transmit the condensation water droplets on the outer wall of the air pipe of the compression hole opener to the fabric.

Because the cloth roll will hit the ground when the cloth is dropped, the oil stains on the ground will also cause oil stains on the cloth surface.


It is necessary to regularly check the oil leakage and oil leakage places on the equipment.

Do a good job of draining the compressed air pipeline system.

Keep the machine and the floor clean, especially clean and wipe the locations where oil droplets, oily cotton balls and water droplets are frequently produced, especially under the large plate and on the center pole, to prevent leaking or seeping oil droplets from falling on Fabric surface.

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