Fitness and Health Through One-On-One Exercise and Custom Nutrition Plans by Claudio Wellness

July 27 14:51 2021
Claudio Wellness enables its clients to enjoy health and fitness through personalized online coaching. Patrons can choose from personalized and semi-personalized training plans. Claudio Chappuzeau, the trainer, has more than 20 years of relevant experience.

According to announcements released by Claudio Wellness and Claudio Chappuzeau, this online service for fitness and health has been helping people boost their self-esteem by feeling good and looking good. 

Claudio Wellness has helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness objectives. Claudio takes a personal interest in a client’s health and nutrition objectives. He is there to ensure improvements and success through one-on-one online sessions. 

People who want to bring about a positive change through a healthy lifestyle can benefit from the expertise, help, and actionable insights available at Claudio Wellness. 

Claudio Wellness has a client base spanning diverse age groups. Both men and women who want to look and feel confident regularly sign up for any different training plans available. Personalized online live training is an essential aspect of the weekly, monthly, and quarterly plans. 

From individuals who want to raise their fitness levels by a small measure to those with ambitious fitness objectives, all types of clients have gained immensely from collaborating with Claudio Wellness. 

While many businesses purportedly offer health and fitness programs, not all of them have results to show, and very few offer a platform for people with different requirements. Claudio Wellness is different because it does not follow a cookie-cutter template. Instead, Claudio advises and trains clients according to their needs, physical condition, health, age, joint health, goals and muscle health. 

Claudio Wellness frequently updates the exercises and plans so that patrons get the best information about them. It also allows practitioners to benefit from the most relevant aspects of fitness and training of significance. They are not exposed to routines and information that will not contribute to their health. Claudio Wellness delivers results because it understands that each body is different, and performance to the same stimuli or routine may vary. 

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Claudio Chappuzeau of Claudio Wellness said, “I am a personal trainer, motivational speaker, life coach and wellness and health coach. With over 20 years of experience. I am a well-rounded professional with extensive academic knowledge and practical experience (my own and my clients). I have had a chance to try multiple different diets and workout routines, diets like keto diet; intermittent fasting 16:8 – 20:4, high protein diets, high carbs, etc. to name a few. Also trying different workouts, working out with heavy weights or light weights, 30 mins to an hour and a half workouts, anywhere from once a week to 6 times per week, doing few reps, a lot of reps, slow, fast, etc. to mention a few. With my having tried so many different things, I know what works and what doesn´t. I feel that my clients can get great advice and get everything in one place for a health-body-mind balance outcome (Nutrition, fitness, mental). I have even done different change trials, like gaining fat and losing muscle (on purpose) gaining over 50 lbs. of fat in 6 months to get back in shape in 90 days. I did this to challenge myself, but mainly to understand people in that situation better and that way to help them more and motivate them, show them that “YES” you can do it, if I could you can too.”

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About the Studio:

Claudio Wellness is an online health and fitness coaching studio. The proprietor, Claudio Chappuzeau, has more than two decades of experience in helping people achieve their fitness objectives through nutrition, exercise, mindset training, and motivation.

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