Bizzness Buddy Academy An Online Academy Aims to Give Entrepreneurs an Edge

July 27 15:54 2021
Online Academy Aims to Give Entrepreneurs an Edge

There’s no doubt it’s easier than ever to start a new business and there are plenty of tools out there that help entrepreneurs set up in no time.

Now, Australia based learning platform Bizzness Buddy Academy aims to provide new and more experienced small business owners with the focused small business training courses they need to succeed in a fast-changing and competitive world.

Founded by accountant and entrepreneur Janet Ward, the central tenet of the academy is to provide ongoing online training courses and help business owners invest in the skills and knowledge that will help them grow and prosper with more certainty.

Janet brings plenty of experience to the table and a deep understanding of the kind of training that businesses are looking for today: “I am an Accountant by trade and owned and operated a successful accounting practice for 12 years before selling up and buying into a digital marketing company that built apps and websites and created and implemented digital marketing strategies for our broad range of clients.”

Reducing the Risk of Business Failure

While it’s fairly easy to set up a new enterprise in Australia, especially if it is operating purely online, the truth is that one in three start-ups fail in the first year and two out of four don’t make it past the second.

While there can be many reasons why businesses fail, founders often don’t have the right skills themselves in important areas such as marketing, budgeting or building the right growth strategy to increase their chances of survival and success past those first two years.

Bizzness Buddy Academy runs modular skills development projects for established businesses to ensure they have all the right building blocks in place to scale and grow.

For some, that could mean developing important key performance indicators or KPIs for their business activity or simply learning how to manage cash flow better.

For others, it means creating a better business structure and developing a mindset that brings about continuous improvement. These are often basic skills that entrepreneurs lack – they have a great idea but fail to identify key skills where they need to learn and improve their chances of survival.  

“I’ve been a small business owner for over 20 years, so I understand what the investment in new skills and knowledge means,” says Janet. “I felt that there was a lack of support in this area for small businesses in Australia and that updating and broadening your skill base is essential to staying relevant, even if you have a business that has been trading for some years.”

Not Just a Business But a Community

One of the key factors with Bizzness Buddy Academy is that it’s not just about signing up for their online business management courses. There’s a strong focus on small business owners building relationships. Networking not only gives individual businesses a good deal of support but provides them with extra learning opportunities that can help them in the future.

In a short space of time, Janet has started to change the way many small businesses look at skills and knowledge development. Design consultant Kirby Blake began working with Bizzness Buddy Academy when her freelance enterprise became a little stuck:

“Unlike being an employee where we only have one job role, being in business means that we sometimes take on what feels like 15 roles at once; it can be overwhelming,” says Kirby. “Janet helped me gain clarity with goal setting and guided me step by step on how to tackle the tasks needed to reach my goals.”

You can find out more about Bizzness Buddy Academy here.

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