DigitalPR Scholarship Has Chosen This Year’s Recipient Of Their Financial Grant

July 27 12:08 2021
DigitalPR Scholarship Has Chosen This Year’s Recipient Of Their Financial Grant

Shuan Moran – Winner of the DigitalPR Scholarship
DigitalPR, a branding company based in Florida, recently announced its scholarship recipient for school year 2020-2021. The winner will receive a $1,000 financial grant to be applied in the coming fall semester this year.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – July 27, 2021 – DigitalPR Scholarship reveals their new recipient for their new annual scholarship program. Shuan Moran from Rutgers University will be receiving a $1,000 award to cover college expenses in the upcoming fall semester. Moran is a Public Policy graduate student continuing his degree in the coming months.

Getting a college degree is one of the those academic accomplishments that students want to achieve. Not only does it provide a clear path towards their preferred career, but it also presents many opportunities to raise their standard of living. Many individuals from low-income families desire to finish a college degree because it could improve the status of their lives. It is astounding to know that 56% of students in 2015-2016 are the first generation college graduates.

Branding company DigitalPR understands the value of getting a college education. By specializing in a field, students can gain knowledge and experience on industries they are passionate about. This is the main motive for establishing DigitalPR Scholarship, the company’s annual program to provide $1,000 financial assistance to deserving college students.

In last year’s application, students were asked an essay question about branding strategies: “In your opinion, what company has had the best branding strategy in 2020? What separates the branding from the competition?”

Shuan Moran notably explained the remarkable branding strategy of LEGO through their initiative to utilize user-generated content.

“Over a decade ago, LEGO launched LEGO IDEAS, an online platform that hosts user-generated content, encouraging the public to engage with LEGO by proposing designs for new LEGO sets,” he remarked.

“It not only allows LEGO enthusiasts the opportunity to potentially see their own designs reach store shelves, it also provides a pathway to entrepreneurship for those artists whose creations LEGO selects for production, with a 1% share of royalties. As a result, LEGO effectively enticed not only youngsters aged 13 and older, but also adult LEGO aficionados into joining the LEGO IDEAS site and submitting proposals,” Shuan wrote on his essay.

Shuan explained how these strategies automated engagement in the platform and also to continuously build upon the brand.

“Furthermore, LEGO IDEAS users themselves make the final decision on which designs go into production via popular vote, adding yet another layer of engagement to the platform,” he mentioned.

Shuan also talked about the events such as the LEGO Convention which adds up to the branding strategy to maintain the interest of current and new enthusiasts.

“With LEGO Con 2021, LEGO opened the door for yet another effective method of digital marketing in their corporate plan. Only time will tell which revolutionary step LEGO will take next as it continues to perfect its digital marketing,” he concluded.

DigitalPR is an online public relations and branding strategy company that focuses both on individuals and businesses to esbtalish their presence and recognition. By applying the best practices in branding strategy, DigitalPR aims to help their clients successfully navigate the digital marketing space.

To know more about the DigitalPR Scholarship and the company, please go to the website or contact Madison Edwards at [email protected].

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