Australia’s most reviewed Mosquito Trap is now available in the USA.

August 03 01:33 2021
The household Mosquito Trap that Combines 6 separate mosquito attracts in a single trap.

Ambush International is excited to announce the arrival of the Ambush Mosquito Trap to the United States. The Ambush is a household mosquito trap that combines 6 separate mosquito attractants to break the mosquito breeding cycle and regain use of their outdoor areas.

Now that summer is in full swing, many Americans constantly struggle with Mosquitoes in their yard and outdoor areas. The annoyance and pain of backyard Mosquitoes is something Americans know well and it’s a pain shared by households across the world.

Born during a mosquito infestation in outback Australia in 2012, the Ambush Mosquito Trap has been chosen by thousands of Australian households to break the mosquito breeding cycle in their outdoor areas. This summer Australia’s most reviewed mosquito trap has come to USA.

“From its humble beginnings solving a families mosquito problem in outback Australia, the Ambush has a loyal following in Australia. There are lots of similarities to the United States – we have similar climates, mosquito species, and householders want to enjoy their yards and outdoor areas. Different mosquito species are attracted by different things, so it makes sense to combine 6 different attractants in a single device.” – Garry Searle, Communications Manager – Ambush Mosquito Traps

The Ambush Mosquito Trap combines 6 separate mosquito attractants: octenol (from the Ambush Lure), ultraviolet light, carbon dioxide, the units’ dark casing, a powerful fan, and a warm plate. To further increase its effectiveness, it’s accompanied by the Ambush Lure which provides 30 days continuous release of octenol – scientifically proven to attract certain mosquitoes.

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About Ambush Mosquito Traps

The Ambush Mosquito Trap is Australia’s most reviewed mosquito trap. Now made available in the USA, its purpose is to improve the lifestyle of its customers and communities by providing an effective solution to mosquito problems.

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