AZLA Is Gaining Huge Traction With New Music Technology

August 05 22:57 2021
Comfortable, no-slip ear tips for wire and wireless earphones.

August 5, 2021 – For city dwellers and fitness enthusiasts, music is often a daily necessity. But after some time, earphones start to rub the wrong way. They sound fuzzier and get hot, sore, and uncomfortable before too long.

AZLA (trademark of AZLA INC) is ending headphone headaches with its new, tech savvy headphone accessories. The e-commerce retailer is making waves with newly advanced, self-transforming material that shapes itself to fit the ear canal, giving headphones a seamless, reliable fit. There is finally a way to keep headphones comfortably in place–and sounding better than ever.

Exercise, like cardio and weightlifting, knocks headphones loose and often can end in the tragedy of losing those tiny bluetooth speakers. Instead of reaching to adjust all day, athletes, music lovers, and podcast fans get the richest sound and best fit with the XELASTEC IEM (in-ear monitor) earphone tips by AZLA.

The XELASTEC product line is made of advanced German Kraiburg TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), which means it is temperature-dependent and softens as it warms up. When worn, the earbuds mold to the inside of a person’s ear for a reliably secure, comfortable fit and unparalleled sound.

Often used for medical and mechanical purposes, TPE is a strong, recyclable plastic that resembles the effects of silicone. In relation to this, another ear tip collection by AZLA, known as CRYSTAL, is made of high quality, German-made LSR (liquid silicone rubber). It is more lightweight, very comfortable and durable to last.

Compared to TPE, LSR reacts differently to temperature. The melting point of TPE is lower than LSR, so the XELASTEC is more flexible and temp-sensitive than the CRYSTAL product line.

Both designs are made to fit a variety of headphones like AirPods, TWS (true wireless stereo), regular headphones, and Samsung Galaxy Buzz Pro. SednaEarfit XELASTEC for AirPods Pro is the latest leading design in the AZLA store.

Wire and wireless headphones should be reliably comfortable for everyone, and AZLA is making it happen with innovative, comfortable TPE and LSR earbud tips. With its innovative technology, the brand is changing the definition of comfort in wearing headphones.

About AZLA

South Korean retailer AZLA delivers three-dimensional, 360-degree sound to its customers. Bad sound quality is not always caused by a pair of headphones, but how it fits. With top quality materials and comfortable, sleek designs, AZLA is redefining in-ear comfort. Shop AZLA INC earphone tips, made in Korea.

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