Astria Legends Builds a Community that Empowers Individuals through Meaningful Storytelling

September 14 23:21 2021
The community is a way for the creator to use her artistic skills to spread the message that everyone has a purpose.

Astria Legends is a visual and performing arts company that specializes in bright, colorful and meaningful storytelling. It advocates for positivity, unity and the idea that everyone has a purpose and can follow their dreams.

Stepping into the world of Astria Legends is stepping into a different magical real. This is a world where the Astrians are color personified angels, representing everything their color stands for — both good and bad. Their stories tell of learning to work together because not all colors get along, but it takes all colors to make a beautiful world. They fight the Sentient Influences of Negation (SINs), the embodiments of people’s struggles.

The tales of the Astrians teach lessons and empower others. And then these lessons become legends — the Legends of Astria.

“Astria Legends is about empowering others to do great things by teaching them how to overcome their greatest stumbling blocks — be it doubt, fear, jealousy, anger, anxiety or any of the other negative influencers we all face,” shared Amanda S. Reaves, creator of Astria Legends.

Astria Legends has a supportive community-based subscription club called The Astrian Alliance. It was created as a way for Reaves’ Patreon subscribers to interact and experience the World of Astria for themselves.

Since the theme of Astria Legends is to empower others to seek their divine purpose, the Alliance Community allows each member to have an outlet to harness the strength to conquer their own SINs and accomplish all that they dream.

Every member of the Alliance has an Astrian, a personalized avatar created especially for them, and they can use their Astrian to participate in many fun community events.

Each Astrian is created with a lot of time and care. They start as a blank slate, so they are pretty plain at the beginning. The amount that members participate in the community and overall activity will determine the growth and development of their Astrian. This will also fill in their Alliance Profile.

Reaves tries to reflect each member onto their character as best she can. Each member only gets one Astrian. Each member can suggest their favorite colors and animals to help Reaves design their character.

To join the Astrian Alliance community and claim their Astrian, users need to sign up on Patreon and choose among three different Alliance tiers available: the Astrian Alliance Tier, Astrian Alliance Plus Tier and Astrian Alliance Elite Tier. Each one provides members with their Astrian, but they also get a lot of extra perks.

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Astria Legends is a visual and performing arts company that specializes in bright, colorful and meaningful storytelling.

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