Next-gen blockchain-based water trading exchange WaterSwap aims to solve the global water crisis

September 23 01:51 2021
WaterSwap is a breakthrough blockchain-based water trading exchange that is geared to resolve water crises through a more improved, efficient, transparent and regulated system of trading, selling, buying, and leasing of water rights.

Perth, Australia – September 22, 2021 – Around 1.42 billion+ people experience a severe water crisis globally. Water scarcity is getting more real and more widespread around the world with each passing year. However, a new Australian company speaks of hope amid the grim reality around. Titled “WaterSwap”, the company is developing a revolutionary blockchain-based water trading exchange which is strategically designed to resolve water crises through a regulated process of trading, selling, buying, and leasing of water rights. 

WaterSwap is the FIRST company to provide a blockchain water trading exchange that allows greater efficiency and transparency to a global user base. The exchange platform is still in the developing stage. However, the company has already released its native utility token, H20, to further develop and grow the exchange. And, although the platform is in the development stage yet it is open for investors to buy and trade the H20 token. 

In an exclusive interview, the spokesperson from WaterSwap shared that conflicts arising due to inaccessibility to water is one of the major reasons behind the rising levels of water crisis today. Per his statements, an effective way to tackle the problem is through a regulated water rights buying, leasing, and selling system. An innovative blockchain-based trading exchange platform here would contribute significantly to make the process more efficient and transparent which has not been viable until now on a global level. 

“Selling, leasing, and buying of water rights would be profitable to all the parties involved. The one leasing or selling the rights would earn from successful deals. The party buying or leasing the rights would be able to utilize the water in a beneficial way. Also, selling and leasing of water rights ensures that the water is put to right use. Again, selling or leasing water rights assure easy access to water for conservationists working towards water conservation and restoration”, stated the spokesperson. 

“We are aware of the water challenges of tomorrow. Thus, we have developed a blockchain-based platform for trading, buying, and leasing water rights that will make the process more regulated and transparent.  We have water trading platforms around but these are mostly marred with irregularities and issues that make it unable to achieve the intended results. Such a crisis led us to come up with a blockchain-based water stock market that has been intelligently engineered to streamline the whole process of water trading through the benefits of the revolutionary blockchain technology. Our H20 token will enable users to cut out the middleman while managing water rights, making the process more economical and profitable for users.” 

Speaking on, the spokesperson highlighted the major benefits of integrating blockchain technology with water trading platform – 

  • Improved transparency – The ledgers housing the buying, selling, and leasing transactions will always be available for viewing by anyone. Easy transparency will help in faster detection and effective prevention of irregularities and fraudulent transactions. 
  • Better efficiency – As blockchain transactions don’t involve a middleman or overseeing centralized authorities, users can be assured of faster and more economical transactions. 
  • Higher level of security – Blockchain transactions cannot be manipulated and hence a blockchain-based water market will always boast a higher level of security compared to traditional water markets. 
  • Easy Traceability – Each blockchain transaction is followed by a record which can be easily accessed for future reference.

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