How To Choose A Home Flashlight

October 14 14:38 2021
Flashlight and other electric appliances through a series of reforms, development to now, everyone only a mobile phone can be used to act as a flashlight, but the night in the home blackout or travel, the mobile phone did not have electricity, the flashlight can be sent on the big use, at this moment to prepare a household flashlight is particularly important. So, what about a home flashlight? When choosing what to pay attention to, Honest will give some tips ~

1. Choose materials

To find a good flashlight, start with its material.

Barrel body quality: flashlight barrel body plastic material is not durable, stainless steel is strong and durable, but stainless steel is also easy to be oxidized after long-term use, resulting in the normal use of the flashlight problem. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose to use titanium alloy or high strength carbon as the barrel shape of the flashlight.

Lens qualitative material: had better choose qualitative material to be tall intensity optical glass or polycarbonate ester material, not only appear sex is good, and shockproof fight fall not easy wear away. Lens material do not choose ordinary glass or plexiglass, ordinary glass is fragile, plexiglass is not wear-resistant.

Reflective cup material: the first must be metal material. Because metal is better at resisting high temperatures. Glance performance to assure additionally more safeguard, want to observe glance cup smooth sex, the surface exists scratch and spot did not buy.

2. Check process

First of all, the cylinder body should be neat, meticulous and well-made, without solder joints and gaps, so it is very important to ensure the moisture-proof performance of the flashlight. Secondly, the cylinder body should also have anti-skid ginning, and the process should be exquisite. The third is the connection between the lamp holder and cylinder body should be sealed, of course, this is also in the consideration of moistureproof.

3. Light source

The light source of flashlight has bulb and LED two kinds most commonly. Household choose LED light source can be, LED is the advantage of electricity saving, long service life, will not emit too much heat generation “hot” phenomenon.

4. See the brightness

If only for indoor use at home, a power of 1W LED flashlight is enough, not rechargeable AA battery, with small power, LED end current is generally below 300mA, power below 1W. If occasionally used outdoors, it is not recommended to use dry battery flashlight, it is best to use 18650 cartridge, current up to 750mA, LED power consumption up to about 3W.

How to choose a home flashlight? With the development of flashlight technology, household flashlight has the characteristics of long life, reliable and durable, and extremely low maintenance cost. Constant voltage drive is used to ensure the consistency of brightness of flashlight and the reliability, life and decay of LED flashlight. The use of low-cost, high reliability of the drive circuit is the key to ensure that the flashlight has a lasting brightness, so we need to be very careful in the purchase of household flashlight.

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