Dena Falken principle and CEO of Legal-Ease International Starts New Unique Business

October 26 01:56 2021

Dena Falken is the Founder of Legal-Ease International, Dena trains attorneys, interpreters, paralegals, and legal staff to navigate the intricacies of “Legal English” in over 50 countries worldwide. Interestingly enough, Dena didn’t always see her career unfolding this way.

Upon finishing law school in Washington, DC, Dena decided to leverage her language skills and interest in International affairs. She wanted more than to just practice law, she wanted to make a difference in the lives of other legal professionals in a more meaningful and impactful way. She wanted to combine her love of languages and law. She just didn’t know how to do it at the time.

Soon after, Dena would move to Milan, Italy, after receiving an offer from a prestigious Italian law firm to work as a legal consultant. As she continued her career consulting private attorneys in Northern Italy, she realized a market gap existed: the need for non-US-based legal professionals to understand and comprehend the complexities of legal English.

The problem was she was all alone, in a foreign country, without the necessary capital to launch a full-fledged business.Determined to make her business dreams a reality, Dena opted to start small with very limited capital, and in 1992, Legal-Ease International was born. As the first of its kind, Legal-Ease International quickly grew into a trusted brand, educating the Italian legal community to master legal English.

Through student-centered and individualized instruction, word quickly spread about Dena’s new business venture and the success her students were experiencing in their careers.After the pandemic courses were limited to Online. These provide a very personal class experience where students can ask questions one on one. Good news… Legal-Ease International is now LIVE again and flourishing the world over in its many forms, law books, live seminars, Software forms…

Today, Legal-Ease International  serves the legal community in over 50 countries through its online seminars and other resources. Legal-Ease International is a one stop shop for the needs of Legal professionals whose native language is not English.

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