Director and Bestselling Author Releases Guidebook for Navigating Relocation to Canada

November 24 14:58 2021
Director and Bestselling Author Releases Guidebook for Navigating Relocation to Canada
Immigrating to a new country does not come without its challenges, which have the potential to negatively affect your experience if you do not adequately prepare for them.

To help new Canadians navigate everything they need to know about settling in, Chidi C. Iwuchukwu has released Coming to Canada: The Ultimate Success Guide for New Immigrants and Travelers.

ALBERTA, CA – November 24, 2021 – In Coming to Canada, bestselling author and director Chidi C. Iwuchukwu eases readers’ apprehensions about moving to a new country. Through this comprehensive resource, readers considering a move to Canada as well as those who have already taken the leap will receive the encouraging, pushing, mentoring, and coaching they need to get through the settlement process.

This book is the product of our Canadian journey, what we wish we had known earlier, and the ways we have overcome the many odds we have faced. In it are suggestions and information that we wish that we had known before landing. These would have saved us some grey hair!” says Iwuchukwu.

The topics covered in Coming to Canada, such as acquiring necessary legal documents, living arrangements and home ownership, transportation, healthcare, work culture, school systems, government structure, and interpersonal relationships, will make readers feel as though they have a friend by their side as they venture through the significant and rewarding milestone of moving to Canada.

By sharing his lived experience, the wisdom he gained while helping over ten families quickly find their feet post-relocation and seamlessly integrate into Canada within a short time, as well as the experiences of others who have successfully made Canada their home, Chidi Iwuchukwu knowledgably and graciously supports readers in the task of settling into a land that holds much promise.

Coming to Canada gives readers the tools they need to make their transition to a new land an incredible experience. Because Canada shares a similar outlook to any other country in the developed world, the information contained here, while local in origin, could also be very informative for people relocating to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.”

Chidi Iwuchukwu has seventeen years of banking experience at Mirka Care Services and currently serves as the director of humanitarian services at the Igbo Cultural Association of Edmonton and as the director of the Edgemont Community League. Driven by his core values of family, integrity, resilience, selflessness, and trustworthiness, his mission is to leverage his capacities and continued personal development to create respectful partnerships that build his community and nations.

Published by Publish Your Gift®, Coming to Canada: The Ultimate Success Guide for New Immigrants and Travelers now available for purchase.

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