Joshs Finance reaches over 10M views yearly and has gained over $100K in marketing sales

January 20 15:04 2022

Josh Finance YouTube ChannelTechnology has immensely grown and the demand for information has grown now more than ever. The rise of cryptocurrency has called for many people to search for knowledge in order to understand this revolutionizing technology. For many, YouTube has been a quick channel to get the news on the trends of different cryptos and how to tread.

There are many YouTube channels out there all claiming to offer verified information that you can rely upon. However, many creators lack the knowledge and only create YouTube channels to get rich and not to serve any purpose that meets your needs.

Lucky for you, if you want any information related to cryptos, Josh’s Finance channel comes in handy to offer you market dynamics and explanations to different Cryptos available.

About Josh Finance YouTube Channel

What makes Josh’s Finance YouTube channel click is its reputation and massive following gathered over the past two years. The channel was created on November 24, 2020 and has since gathered over 64.3 thousand subscribers. The channel has posted over 240 videos that have seen more than 10M views in 2021.

In terms of the sales, Josh’s Finance YouTube Channel has garnered over $100K in 2021. In terms of ranking, the channel ranks within the 200 thousand worldwide rank and this shows the level of engagement and preference among Crypto viewers.

Idea behind Josh Finance YouTube Channel

Josh Finance company goes over and above in ensuring that all the information relating to crypto coins are accurate and informative as possible. In a way, this has made the channel build an empire that not only informs but also help other influencers grow their communities, sales, and social media presence.

The remarkable metrics that define Josh’ Finance company has contributed to the remarkable reputation making the channel trend across multiple news outlets. Within the first year of operations, Josh’s Finance YouTube channel showed remarkable growth both on Twitter, Tik Tok, and YouTube.

Josh Finance is spearheaded by an enthusiastic and crypto-obsessed 23-year-old investors who is on the track to be a millionaire before hitting the age of 30.

Why Josh Finance

Getting to trust information especially from online channels such as YouTube is sometimes difficult. Many of these channels are commercially operated and serve to fulfill the interest of specific company. When it comes to Josh Finance, this is not true considering the honesty and credibility with which the information is passed along.

Josh finance provides information relating to old Stock Market Cryptocurrency, Technical Analysis, Price Action, and latest news in the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency.

If you are trader and the kind of person who want to find out about patterns and good entry points for the market, Josh finance s a perfect platform and consultant for you. The company goes live every week and posts up to 5 videos per day on the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency market.

Even more promising, the company is run by a dedicated and experienced CEO with the experience in Network Administration and has been in the investment industry since 2016. Getting information or starting trading in Cryptocurrencies is one thing, getting it right is the other thing. With Josh’s Finance company, you can sit back and watch as we help analyze the various cryptos such as Shiba Inu, Cro coin, Dogecoin, among many others Cryptocurrencies in the space!

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