Amaru, a movie inspired by the life of rapper and activist Tupac Shakur, is all set to release in theatres

January 20 21:18 2022
Brandon Hammond and Jenesis Scott are the writers and directors of the film

Amaru, a movie inspired by the life of rapper and activist Tupac Shakur, is set to premiere at the 30th anniversary of the Pan-African Film Festival in April 2022. The movie’s premise is based on a teenage black boy from South Los Angeles who discovers his superpowers after injuring two police officers that brutalize an unarmed Black man. The movie aims to inspire the hero in every Black boy and girl.

“We are excited to showcase this beautiful creation to the masses,” said Norman D. Golden II, a producer of Amaru. “The story of Amaru is meant to inspire others to recognize the superpower inside us all. We all have untapped potential, and Amaru encourages us to pay attention to those tiny quirks and random skills we tend to ignore or dismiss,” Norman added. 

Brandon Hammond, a former child artist known for his roles in Menace II Society, Soul Food, Space Jam, Waiting to ExhaleThe Fan, and Mars Attacks and producer Jenesis Scott, who was a consulting producer on HBO’s Storm Over Brooklyn, are the writers and directors of this project. The filmmaking duo and couple won the John Singleton Embrace LA Short Film Competition presented by the Pan African Film Festival and The City of Los Angeles for their script. Sherri Sneed, a longtime colleague of John Singleton, is the Project Director of the competition.

Inspired by the 1993 incident in which Tupac shot and wounded two undercover police officers for brutalizing an unarmed Black man, all charges were later dropped. The movie encapsulates the thought that we are all superheroes, and it urges the viewers to imagine how the world would be a better place if we used the innate power within us to help the larger community. “We would see a lot more marginalized groups taking their power back and ultimately realize we live in a world full of superheroes,” said W.B Alexander, a producer of Amaru.  

Amaru will have a theatrical release shortly after its premiere in April 2022.

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