Traveling to Mexico for a Hair Loss Treatments – 2022 travel restrictions

February 28 16:42 2022

The number of people visiting Mexico for hair transplant treatments has been growing in the past years even with the current travel restrictions. High quality, affordable prices and proximity being the main factors why people choose to travel for a hair transplant.

According to Dr. Cortez from HMR, the number of American and Canadian patient’s contacting his clinic regarding hair restoration treatments has significantly increased in 2022.

As a matter of fact, Tijuana, Mexico is one of the top-rated destinations for hair restoration tourism due to its proximity to The United States and Canada. Most patients can take book affordable and direct flights to San Diego’s Airport, and take advantage of the transportation services the clinic offers to arrive in Tijuana from San Diego, Ca.

Proximity is not the only advantage of getting hair transplant surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Cost is in fact one of the main factors when patients are choosing a hair restoration clinic abroad. For example, the cost of a 2,000 hair graft transplant costs around $10,000 USD in the United States while in HMR Mexico, a well known clinic in Tijuana, it costs around $4,800 USD.

Even though a negative proof of Covid or vaccination proof is Not required to enter Mexico by land, all standard protocols regarding COVID-19, such as constant disinfecting and use of masks, must be followed. An important recommendation for patients is to get a PCR test before or during traveling.

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