Fictionalized Tale of War, Romance, Grief and Hopes Is a Must-read Novel Series In 2022: A Jeweler’s Eye View Trilogy by J. D. Riley

February 28 17:06 2022

Author J. D. Riley recently released Volume Three: A Dream’s End, the final installment of the riveting A Jeweler’s Eye View trilogy. Exploring both the nightmarish fog of a cultist’s paradise and the fragile nuances of human connection, Volume Three: A Dream’s End is perfect for fans of Nick Cutter’s Little Heaven and Joe R. Lansdale’s Jackrabbit Smile.

Set in the volatile time of the post-Vietnam American Deep South, the series follows the life of Jake Goodson, a veteran on a quest to rescue his children from the same predatory religious cult that has already charmed his ex-wife, Madeline. With Madeline and the cult determined to thwart his efforts, Jake must take matters into his own hands or risk losing his children forever.

Joined by a World War II veteran named Sam, Jake continues his struggle against the cult in the second and third volumes, where the ferocity of the so-called church rekindles Sam’s memories of wartime liberations at European concentration camps. With the diabolical cult leader willing to drive his followers to murder to protect his own power, Jake and Sam soon find themselves caught in the crosshairs of a megalomaniac, a horde of brainwashed believers, and the law.

The A Jeweler’s Eye View series also dissects the social influences of the time, ranging from the interracial friendship between Jake and Sam, a Black veteran of a different conflict, to the toll taken on survivors who come home from far-off battlefields to find that little peace awaits them. Jake’s journey is a personal testament that connections born of love will always triumph over those forged with violence—even amongst those heroes who have been called to violence to defend what they love.

Reviewers describe Volume Three: A Dream’s End as an important learning opportunity wrapped within a thrilling story of “damnation, redemption and forgiveness.” In this final installment of the trilogy, Riley draws upon his own experiences with addiction over 40 years ago to deliver a compelling, atmospheric thriller in a true standout of the genre.

The complete A Jeweler’s Eye View trilogy is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. Click here for the direct Amazon links to Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3.

J. D. Riley is an author and licensed therapist who specializes in the treatment of addiction. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and daughter.

Book covers of Volume One and Two:

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