Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Science Fiction book “The Winding” by Avi Datta

February 28 18:00 2022
Readers' Favorite announces the review of the Fiction - Science Fiction book "The Winding" by Avi Datta

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Science Fiction book “The Winding” by Avi Datta, currently available at

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Reviewed By Keith Mbuya for Readers’ Favorite

“One can only take so many blows from life and Professor Vincent Abajian, the Director of the Center of Inventive Studies, knew this better than anyone. It was in the late fall of 1991 when it happened. A young Vincent listened to his headmaster, Mr. Kruger, as he explained that Akane Egami, Vincent’s best friend and the only family he knew, had been consumed by time turbulence. It was on this same day that Vincent knew he had supernatural abilities. Close to three decades later, still crippled with the pain from the uncertainty of ever seeing his best friend, Vincent loses his wife Elise to an alleged plane crash. Perhaps fate had sworn to forever take away the people Vincent loved, and that would explain a lot since he had been an orphan from a very young age. However, Vincent finds love in his research center’s newest employee Emika Amari, and cannot help but notice how alike Emika is to Akane. Could Emika be Akane? Vincent meets Mr. Philip Nardin, a tech enthusiast who is experienced in time turbulence. How will Nardin’s knowledge of time travel affect Vincent and Emika? Or perhaps, how do Vincent’s special abilities affect his and Emika’s lives? Find out more about Vincent and Emika in Avi Datta’s The Winding.

“Do you love engaging your mind in an intellectually stimulating read? A story that pleasantly teases your ability to grasp and perceive information with every flip of the page? A story that is packed with adventure and amazing action? Are you a science fiction enthusiast? You definitely don’t want to miss out on Avi Datta’s The Winding if your answer is yes. I cannot applaud Avi Datta’s work enough in this book. The Winding is a masterpiece, so far the best science fiction book I’ve ever read. With a gripping and engrossing plot, Avi Datta adopts a complex style of writing, presenting his thoughts and ideas through random flashbacks and digging back and forth into the story. I loved how this worked in progressing the storyline and exposing Avi Datta’s ingenious plot. His long and twisted sentences are appropriately loaded with a great choice of vocabulary. This served to expand my knowledge in the main themes of the book which are technology, science, and legal affairs. I met wonderfully developed characters in The Winding. Vincent, the protagonist, was my best character. His genius mind was among the things I loved most about him. Avi Datta gives very clear and vivid depictions of his scenes and characters. Reading The Winding felt like watching a great movie. He accompanied this with a great sense of humor and I just loved it. It only gets better because The Winding is the first installment in Avi Datta’s The Corrector series. I can’t wait to experience more of Avi Datta’s work. He is undoubtedly a very gifted author. The Winding is a magnificent piece of work.”

You can learn more about Avi Datta and “The Winding” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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