Black Mold Remediation Specialists | Protecting the Health of Mesa, AZ, Homeowners & Their Homes

February 28 15:50 2022
Water damage isn’t just a concern for homeowners because it can affect the frame and foundation; it also creates ideal conditions for toxic mold to grow. Fortunately, Copper State Home Builders is standing by to provide black mold remediation for Mesa, AZ, homeowners.

The very term black mold can strike fear into a homeowner’s heart. When water seeps into warm, dark spaces, it takes just a single spore to establish a colony that spreads aggressively. Aside from the structural damage from water, the resulting mold growth is an immediate health concern, especially for people sensitive to indoor air quality or with existing respiratory conditions.

While there is no single type of black mold, the strain called Stachybotrys chartarum is the one most people understand as particularly toxic. It’s a variety of microfungus sometimes found in soil and grain but most often discovered in cellulose-rich building materials. If allowed to propagate in damp or water-damaged spaces, mycotoxins from the mold can cause respiratory issues for anyone continually exposed to it.

Mycotoxins can cause serious health issues in people who live in contaminated buildings, so contacting a company experienced in black mold remediation is essential. While mild symptoms can mimic allergic reactions to pollen, more serious signs of mycotoxicosis can include aches and pains, nosebleeds, headaches, and memory loss. Any homeowner who suspects Stachybotrys chartarum is growing in their home must contact a black mold removal specialist.

Call (480) 744-1411 to learn more about the steps professionals take to restore homes after devastating damage. Copper State Home Builders leads the way with years of experience in water and fire repairs, asbestos removal, and black mold remediation. For valuable information about their services, visit the company’s website. As a trusted water damage repair contractor, they are proud to assist homeowners in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding area.

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