Olivia Kelliher, the 21-year-old college student earning $47,000 from freelancing and social media

February 28 22:39 2022
Olivia Kelliher has amassed 360,000 followers on TikTok in just five months, all through sharing creative content and exploring her passions.

For many people, being a full-time college student usually means crippling debt due to student loans. However, one student, Olivia Kelliher, has found a way to be a full-time college student, further her passions, and make money. Her passion for all things social media and freelancing is the reason she is now earning $47,000.

Before the digital transformation took shape, most people didn’t see its potential, but Olivia always had an intrigue for it. After observing the landscape for a while, Olivia was able to identify the best entrance into the space and how to turn her passion into a business to bring in extra cash. Within five months of joining TikTok, Olivia Kelliher gained over 360,000 followers, and her content also keeps growing. Olivia Kelliher’s TikTok is a source of creative content that resonates with people of all ages.


According to Olivia, social media is all about experimenting with strategies. Since social media is a competitive space and trends constantly change, people cannot rely on the same old way of doing things. That is evident through her content, as people can see the growth and experimentation with strategies. 

In addition to growing her social media following, Olivia Kelliher is also a freelancer. She explains that freelancing is very powerful because it allows people the freedom to pursue multiple things at once. As a college student, freelancing grants her the perfect opportunity to study and work anywhere. Olivia Kelliher’s freelance journey began with affiliate marketing, and through it, she has been able to make extra money on the side. Social media has a lot of potential that Olivia hopes to continue exploring. “Overall, I just really love exploring the world of social media and learning as much as possible about it.”

Olivia has been featured on two podcasts, Wake Up Legendary where she discussed her TikTok growth from 0-150k followers and on The Freelance Fairytales where she delves into freelancing.

Olivia Kelliher is an all-rounded social media entrepreneur with a YouTube channel where she shares affiliate marketing tips, freelancing, social media, and glimpses of her personal life. “My goal is to share my experiences, document my life, and help people around the world make some extra money online! I love sharing everything from social media and copywriting to affiliate marketing and productivity tips. I am a huge proponent of self-employment and building up multiple streams of income.”

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