Origins – Win The War will become the king of GameFi

February 28 23:27 2022

GameFi is a port for “gaming” and “finance”, operating on a blockchain network, designed to combine the fun of gaming with the financialization of the in-game economy. Distributed ledger technology not only helps players provide verifiable ownership of assets, but is also important for building a marketplace for in-game and out-of-game transactions.

In this new type of game, all objects are represented as tokens on the blockchain network. Thus, every sword, piece of armor or piece of land can be owned by you or anyone else in the blockchain-based game. In other words, every gamer in a blockchain-based game is both a participant and an owner. While the types of games vary in narrative, a recurring goal is the accumulation of resources. Playing the game well allows you to accumulate more in-game currency (often denoted as fungible tokens) or in-game assets (clothes, land, items), denoted as irreplaceable tokens (NFTs). The key here is that once assets are earned, you can trade other cryptocurrencies – or fiat currencies like the US dollar – on the market for disposable income.

Origins-Win The War (Plants vs Zombies block game version) is a strategy puzzle game based on blockchain technology. Origins-Win The War’s vision is: We believe gaming is an integral part of human life. Through games, we can discover the hidden abilities of individuals, groups and societies that are limited in real life. In games, we can experience imagination, quick thinking and processing, interactive experience and teamwork. The advent of blockchain technology has helped the game develop to a new level. Due to its outstanding features such as decentralization, security, transparency, and freedom, blockchain can help traditional games do things that were impossible before!

Origins-Win The War will become the king of GameFi

The original Plants vs. Zombies 2, in planting plants to defend against zombies must be economically consumed. In addition to the Dark Ages level, all regular levels will have an ordinary sunlight point falling from the sky every 5~20 seconds, with the drop interval gradually extending as the level progresses. Sunshine points fall in a straight line at a rate of about 2 seconds/frame, randomly staying at any location and disappearing automatically after 7.5 seconds, and are stored in the sunshine slot at the top left of the screen when touched by the player. A normal sunlight point has a value of 50, and there is enough sunlight to plant various plants.

Origins-Win The War, on the other hand, directly inherits the original gameplay in the basic gameplay, and adds additional blockchain-specific attributes on this basis: NFT and virtual tokens. When playing the game, carrying NFTs can strengthen some attributes of plants, reduce the difficulty of game clearance, and produce unique virtual tokens as rewards. And Origins-Win The War’s unique PVP mechanism: the game has a daily leaderboard that is open to any user based on the total amount of sunlight the user gets. The first 1,000 users will be rewarded with generous governance tokens, which are fixed daily rewards to maintain user engagement and returns. The most important thing is the value-added space of NFT 70 times deflation!

What will the future of GameFi eventually look like? Predictions are speculative, but interesting activities and developments are happening at an accelerated pace. The opportunity to own assets at will, make money from the game, and connect with the broader community are widely considered to be compelling features presented by this new crypto vertical. While the future is unknown, one thing is certain: so far, the mood of the participants, industry leaders, game studios, investors and gamers alike seem to be enthusiastic!


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