Primal Grow Gear – Grow Tent Kits & Equipment

February 28 20:31 2022
Primal Grow Gear - Grow Tent Kits & Equipment

FEBRUARY 28, 2022 – NORTH DAKOTA, USA – Indoor gardening is a farming method fast gaining traction worldwide. Most farmers have started to like having all their agricultural activities under one roof. So, they seek partners with the right indoor farming equipment and facilities. Luckily, Primal Grow Gear exists, supporting clients who wish to start indoor gardening from scratch. The company provides several pieces of equipment for setup and relevant support to get it right from the onset.

Grow Lights

Knowing the importance of light to plant production, Primal Grow Gear provides quantum board LED lights and light bar LEDs to help. The firm recommends the best grow lights for each farming stage through its selection. The company supplies everything from small beginner-setup lights to large commercially installed lights. While at it, the experts educate farmers on handling the lights even if they are left alone.

Grow Tents

Since indoor gardening or farming is all about tents, Primal Grow Gear supplies different grow tent sizes, from small stealth tents to big commercial-sized tents. The easy to assemble steel-framed tents are made of quality, rugged, and durable materials to last a long time. The tents have double-stitched seams with large doors and viewing ports. The grow tents have a Mylar lining that enhances their interior look and gives them a finer finish.

Planting Starter Kits

Instead of going to the market for every needed indoor farming kit as an individual piece, Primal Grow Gear helps clients by providing a complete kit. One gets everything needed to start to strengthen their trade, whether one is starting from scratch or bettering their trade. There is a comprehensive grow tent kit with all the components needed. All a client does is plug and play the system for a greater harvest.

Filters and Ventilation

Primal Grow Gear understands the importance of improving its client base by working on their feedback. It introduced duct fans, ducting materials, and carbon filters as per the clients’ needs. These are needed items to increase the proper airflow and odor control within the grow tents.

Grinders and Equipment

Harvesting time can be hectic if one is unprepared for that time. So, Primal Grow Gear provides the right tool for the job. It hooks up its clients with herb grinders, stash boxes, dugouts, and more to make their work easy. Other tools include drying racks, trimmers, and curing jars.

About Primal Grow Gear

Primal Grow Gear focuses on delivering industry-leading products for clients seeking to utilize their indoor growing environment. The company provides the latest lighting technology and air filtration systems. The company is owned and run by veteran indoor gardeners, passionate about making others get it right from the beginning to have bumper harvests. They support clients venturing into indoor growing or horticulture. Any client who needs a setup can get a comprehensive indoor grow tent kit with all the components.

Primal Grow Gear clients get a plug-and-play system with everything provided. For more information, a client should visit the company website at

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