Mechanical Expert CHU Xuyang: The Research and Development of Robotics is for the Better Development of Human Beings

April 08 18:36 2022
Reporter: CHEN Guangzu

As the pace of intelligent manufacturing is accelerating, industrial robots have ushered in the spring of development, and the positive market signals in response to the demand have given a boost to the machinery manufacturing and automation experts who focus on robotics research. Dr. CHU Xuyang is a well-known expert in the field of mechanical manufacturing and automation. He has in-depth research in the fields of micro-processing technology and robotics. His advanced technological achievements have been applied in the market, making important contributions to industrial production and social progress. CHU Xuyang said, “Now it is the time. Some leading companies are changing their minds, and their willingness to automate transformation is more obvious, and they have taken some actions to take the initiative to put up funds to seek cooperation.”

Many years ago, CHU Xuyang saw the broad prospects of industrial robot technology in the processing industry. He believed that the welding and cutting process had a huge potential for dehumanization and unmannedness, and the market demand for welding and cutting robots is becoming more and more prominent. Take a shipyard as an example. Nearly one-third of the 20,000 employees are welding and cutting workers, and the wages of welding and cutting workers are generally higher than that of other positions. Due to the fierce competition and overcapacity in the large-scale equipment manufacturing industry, corporate profits are constantly compressed while labor costs are constantly increasing. It is urgent to find a good medicine to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The emergence of robots effectively solves this problem. Compared with labor, the advantages of using robots for cutting and welding are particularly obvious. Cutting and welding robots can improve the processing efficiency and surface quality of steel plates, especially many special-shaped parts and thick plate parts. Take section steel cutting as an example. Domestic shipyards generally use CNC flame cutting in addition to slat cutting, and most of the other section steel still uses manual cutting, supplemented by various portable semi-automatic cutting machines, and cutting quality and efficiency are difficult to guarantee. However, due to the surface cut by robots is better, it has gradually replaced the milling of some exterior parts, reducing production costs.

According to CHU Xuyang, the core competitiveness of industrial robot companies lies in robot perception technology, technology of robot motion planning, as well as rich motion control libraries and process libraries. In fact, the scale of China’s industrial robot market has reached the level of advanced countries in the world, but the core technology of the high-end robot market is still lacking.

In order to create the advanced and high-end robot technology that can improve the industry capacity and change the market pattern, CHU Xuyang settled down on research and opened up his mind for innovation. In the repeated design, experimentation, overthrow, modification, and experimentation, a number of advanced mechanical processing patented technologies have been developed and applied to industrial production through market promotion, creating huge economic and social value. He has published dozens of professional papers, publicly displayed his scientific research achievements to colleagues around the world, and made his own efforts for the scientific progress in the field of mechanical manufacturing and automation. The advanced technology developed by CHU Xuyang, high-quality and intelligent processing methods, and the enhancement of special processing capabilities have laid a solid foundation for industrial manufacturing and provided more possibilities for the development of human science and technology in the future.

On the road of scientific research, CHU Xuyang has always insisted on not only striving for the first place, but also taking steady steps. He said, in the technology research and development, we should pay attention to the advance, striving for the next generation of the international advanced technology. Only in this way can we ensure that the technology will be in the international dominance after research and development. But at the same time, we must not act too hastily. All technical problems must be solved in the research and development stage. We must not let the faults reach the application end. In the process of downstream industrial production, or even the application of products, if there is a problem, the loss will be huge. To illustrate the importance of this question, CHU Xuyang assumed such a situation. Batches of automobiles assembled from parts processed by robots. If there is a problem with the part in use, and the failure is caused by production, the social responsibility is too great in the event of a vehicle accident causing casualties. This is incomparable to the huge economic loss of a full-line recall of vehicles. CHU Xuyang said, “Our scientific research work in the mechanical field must be rigorous, because it is the basis of production in many industries and occupies an important position in the entire industrial system and social production and life. If the foundation is not solid, the influence cannot be underestimated. Therefore, we must do advanced, safe, efficient, and convenient technology research and development with a greater sense of responsibility, and we must not be too ambitious and impatient.”

CHU Xuyang believes that the field of machinery manufacturing and automation is a long-term potential field that has always been needed by society, which means continuous innovation, reform and even change should be carried out. As an industry expert, he needs to take on more responsibilities and play a greater role at this time. A strong shoulder is responsible for morality – the future of mankind!

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