DR PLANT Launched Dendrobium Relieve Wrinkle Massage Eye Cream 2.0, which effectively improves the eye area muscles after 4 weeks of use

April 08 18:51 2022

Recently, DR PLANT launched Dendrobium Relieve Wrinkle Massage Eye Cream 2.0. As a new member of DR PLANT alpine skin care products, it has also deeply affected the company and the whole cosmetics industry.

Staying up late has become a normal lifestyle habit for young people, and belonging to the category of skin care products for staying up late and combating “early signs of aging”, eye creams have become a skin care product that many people need. DR PLANT as an outstanding Chinese makeup brand, has refined ingredients and researched technology, and launched its Dendrobium Relieve Wrinkle Massage Eye Cream (Orchid Iron).

DR PLANT Dendrobium Relieve Wrinkle Massage Eye Cream

In order to better use the Dendrobium plant in skin care, DR PLANT has together with more than 20 interdisciplinary botanists conducted in-depth research on the alpine Dendrobium orchid and filed the patent: “Dendrobium officinale extract and its preparation method”, using the Dendrobium orchid extraction patent, to maximize the retention of the active ingredients contained in the alpine Dendrobium orchid, and thereby giving full play to its excellent skin care effects.

Alpine Dendrobium orchid 

The Dendrobium Relieve Wrinkle Massage Eye Cream condenses Dendrobium fermentation essence and contains Dendrobium orchid extract and yeast fermentation product filtrate. It effectively moisturizes and protects the skin around the eyes as well as tightens fine lines. The cream comes together with an included micro-massager, which vibrates at a frequency of 15,000 times per minute and further enhances the moisturizing and tightening effect, as well as the fine line fading results.

DR PLANT Dendrobium Relieve Wrinkle Massage Eye Cream 

According to data published by DR PLANT, using the Dendrobium Relieve Wrinkle Massage Eye Cream for 4 consecutive weeks can effectively reduce fine lines and firm the skin. It is believed that with its strong scientific research strength and down-to-earth research and development spirit, DR PLANT will continue to bring us excellent experiences of alpine plant skin care in the future.

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