New Movement and Bestseller Emerge Triumphant Reveals the Secret to Navigate Turbulent Times

April 08 19:06 2022

Los Angeles, California, USA – April 8, 2022 – When bombs are dropping everywhere, some freeze, some flee, and some panic. When facing this unthinkable reality through three wars in Israel, Eliana Gilad simply remained incredibly calm.

She knows both the risks and the creative power of uncertainty. And that’s because she has tuned in to a powerful way to turn that uncertainty to her advantage and peace of mind.

During the recession in the ’80s, Eliana saw the writing on the wall and left her U.S. corporate career for a creative life overseas. She developed a medically-proven healing voice system that creates confident self-leadership and creative problem solving by leaning into turmoil, stress, anxiety, upheaval and uncertainty.

Uncertainty can lead to fear, anxiety, and self-sabotage. It can stifle creative problem-solving and silence self-expression. It can keep individuals from taking the risks necessary to express their true voice and live an authentically fulfilling life. Therefore, it behooves all of us to not only become comfortable with uncertainty, but to master living with it! And the secret can be found in your voice!

Eliana has started a movement to help people rediscover their voice with her newly released book, Emerge Triumphant: Thrive through Uncertainty.  Her new bestseller uses the life story of the Prophetess Miriam in the Bible, the elder sister of Moses, as inspiration for truly effective leadership. The book introduces readers to the ancient wisdom behind feminine power and reveals the connection to the small, still voice beyond the cognitive mind. The connection to the source of the true voice can create calm no matter what kind of bombs are dropping in individuals’ lives.

Emerge Triumphant helps readers understand that, when they give their inner voice the ability and power to shine, limiting barriers can be broken and people can become their own leaders, opening themselves up to a world of new possibilities. Given the extreme events that the entire world has collectively experienced in the past two years, the book’s message has created a unique, rapidly growing movement. “Your Voice Makes a Difference” resonates with the problems of the current times.

Eliana Gilad is the founder of Voices of Eden Ancient Wisdom and Healing Music Institute. She is highly proactive in using the power of voice and rhythm as conscious tools to help humanity grow toward a better tomorrow…the promise is for people to be their own leaders. A healing voice mentor and motivational speaker, Eliana has been a keynote speaker at two TEDx events. Her work has been featured in notable publications such as Drummer and Yoga Journal and was showcased in the media from the BBC to the Hindustan Times and in award-winning films. By mastering the art of sound and rhythm, Eliana develops techniques to help people heal mentally and physically. Eliana Gilad is available for interviews.

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