JASMINER releases new product X4-Q in 3U size

April 08 19:36 2022

Recently, with the official launch of the new official website, JASMINER showed the latest research and development results to users, and officially launched a new 3U high-throughput server with “quiet” as its flagship function – JASMINER X4-Q (Quiet), using high-throughput technology to redefine the performance of encrypted hash rate servers. An innovative, intelligent and dynamic brand image, leading the strategic layout of JASMINER ‘s new silent products, is pushing the encryption hash rate industry into a new stage of development.

In the past, As a powerful tool in the field of crypto, it often generates large noise during operation.If the user chooses to place it in the home environment, it will even interfere with the normal life of family members. This situation arises it’s not that the manufacturer didn’t notice this problem, but that the contradiction between high computing power and high heat dissipation could not be solved.

From the research and development of high-throughput computing power chips integrated with storage and computing to the launch of a series of high-throughput computing power server products, JASMINER has always been consistent, and the design concept of energy saving and emission reduction has been running through its products, brining many innovative and classic products to the encryption computing power industry. At present, with the accelerating technological competition and industry upgrading, new thinking on how to make the application scenarios of computing power products more comfortable comes one after another. On this occasion, JASMINER launched the high-throughput silent server X4-Q with 3U specifications, double the hash rate, and lower noise as the main highlights. It allows the encryption hash rate server to be applied to multiple quiet scenes such as family bedrooms, and uses technological innovation to explain its new thinking on the future encryption industry.

According to reports, the new product X4-Q launched by JASMINER this time has completely innovated the appearance and performance design of the previous generation of products. In appearance, it adopts a grille structure optimized for extreme heat dissipation. At the same time, the 3U standard form and the design of hidden mounting ears on both sides make the structure of the whole rig more compact and can be used in multiple scenarios. In terms of performance, the hash rate is upgraded to 1040MH/s±10%, which is twice that of the X4 1U server, while the power consumption is only 480w±10%, and the power consumption ratio is as low as 0.48±10%J/MH. As an innovative highlight of this new product, the mute function of the X4-Q is manifested in a noise level of ≤40 db, which can be used in a working temperature environment of 0-40°C, and can also be used in a bedroom environment.

For the common pain points of home hash rate server products, the 3U standard form adopted by JASMINER X4-Q this time is highly moderate and flexible in configuration, so that it can be perfectly embedded in family bedrooms, IDC computer rooms or other professional venues. Not only does it not occupy or waste too much space, but it is also conducive to daily maintenance and management, and can also avoid unexpected failures. At the same time, the scalability of the 3U specification is significantly enhanced compared to the 1U, resulting in a further improvement in its heat dissipation performance. It is understood that the JASMINER X4-Q adopts a new dual-fan design with heat dissipation technology, which makes the heat dissipation efficiency of the whole machine soar. Even when the fan is running at high speed, it can also reduce the noise to 40dB. In terms of saving energy costs, maintenance costs, and environmental costs, JASMINER X4-Q provides a wide range of development space for the efficient operation of encryption hash rate.

Obviously, on the basis of ensuring the output of high-efficiency hash rate, the energy-saving efficiency is maximized. All JASMINER products are in line with the global energy-saving product certification, setting a benchmark for energy saving in the encryption industry. In the fiercely competitive encryption computing power product market, the JASMINER R&D team has always focused on the research of low-power technology principles, and deeply cultivated chip emission reduction systems, in order to minimize the loss of power supply, driver chip and itself of hash rate products. Today, JASMINER’s high-throughput computing server products can save more than 50% energy compared with similar products.

Vitality comes from innovation. Just like the development process of JASMINER, it insists on making environmentally friendly and energy-saving computing products, so that performance and energy saving go hand in hand, which has created JASMINER’s current market position. It is foreseeable that with the launch of many new products of JASMINER, the trend of “low noise” in the encryption hash rate application industry has become irresistible. In the field of innovation and energy saving, the extraordinary performance of JASMINER will also guide the industry and lead the sustainable development of the encryption industry.

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