American Support Animals, A leading Emotional Support & Psychiatric Service Animal qualification Service, exposes scammer tactics around Emotional Support Animal “certification and registration”

April 08 21:15 2022
American Support Animals is helping people to get their Emotional Support Animal, and Psychiatric Service Animal needs legitimately assessed and qualified.

Animals have proved to have great benefits for human health. The relationship between animals and their humans helps reduce tension, which is why they are recommended for emotional support and psychiatric service. American Support Animals’ Director Dr. Azul explains that contrary to popular belief, Emotional Support animals don’t necessarily need to be cats or dogs. Dr. Azul also highlights that the ability to fulfill one of the most basic human needs for touch, make animals great friends to have. However, many phony companies, offer Emotional Support Animal Certification and Registration, leaving unsuspecting people with useless certificates and improperly assessed individuals, that legitimately need emotional support animals. 

American Support Animals is America’s leading Emotional Support and Psychiatric Service Animal Certification provider. American Support Animals works with ONLY qualified, licensed mental health professionals to provide individuals with only what they need, when they need it. “When our doctors say YES, neither your landlord nor the airlines can say No! Bring your assistance animal everywhere you need it.”

In addition to providing legitimate certification and registration, American Support Animals also provides education to people about the processes involved in getting approved for an Emotional Support Animal or a Psychiatric Service Animal (ESA & PSD). Most websites use complex fancy words to confuse people into parting with their hard-earned money. 

Our doctors recommend to “Be careful about what you buy as many websites offer packages that sound all-inclusive such as Ultimate package or even Ultimate Lifetime package but fail to disclose that these packages (priced at over $159.00) Do NOT include the one thing you do need (the signed letter from a mental health professional)! When you show your landlord the “certificate” you have purchased, and you are told this is not valid, you then call the company, and they then tell you that you now need a “doctor’s letter” and charge you an additional $99.00-$159.00!”

According to Dr. Azul, people should beware of getting scammed, especially by businesses that claim to conduct online surveys as legitimate assessments. American Support Animals is dedicated to ensuring that its services are transparent and credible by working with certified physicians to provide the necessary documentation for ESA’s and PSD’s. American Support Animals also offers items that people need for their animals, like vests and tags for identification. With American Support Animal’s services, people can freely fly with their animal, and have their animal in their home. 

The practice also offers free assessments for disabled American Veterans and is FHA and ACAA compliant. “We at American Support Animals understand that you require the support, comfort, and companionship your animal provides; Federal law states that you don’t have to be without them! That’s why we at American Support Animals are dedicated to helping you secure your ESA / PSD qualification. You will be guided through a process that involves a free screening with a licensed therapist.” 

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