Gearing towards the realm of Web 3.0, Cude Design is a UK-based NFT-oriented agency with a vast portfolio

April 08 22:38 2022
Cude Design is an NFT focused agency that helps businesses stay up to pace with the evolving world. The world is moving on to Web 3.0, and with that revolution, online businesses need to keep abreast of the technology. Cude Design ensures to provide such businesses with unparalleled NFT projects allowing them to engage with their audience.

UK – With the inception of the latest Web evolution, NFTs are becoming more and more popular. Allowing businesses to stay connected with their customers, Cude Design offers NFT-based web development services to businesses all across the UK. Cude Design provides the services of NFT marketplace development, where clients can mint NFTs. These NFT marketplaces are also integrated with wallets, bidding options, smart contracts, and more.

Cude Design ensures that the design of the NFT-based website is based on individual brands and their unique identities. The experienced team of designers at Cude Design works closely with customers to create top-notch Non Fungible Tokens, which are ready to mint via the website. These websites make buying and selling of NFT assets easier from the website. Furthermore, Cude Design also offers complete and seamless integration with Opensea, which provides a route to buying and selling the NFTs.

The NFTs pave a path toward the Metaverse, where businesses can create their presence and elevate the level of interaction with their customers. At Metaverse, businesses can provide the latest tech-related services to their customers. In addition to that, online companies can also leverage the NFTs for viral social media marketing and become one of the early adopters of this booming industry.

The CEO and founder of Cude Design, Cude Wesley says: “Looking to launch your own NFT platform? Create your own NFT website selling digital art or launch your own NFT marketplace, directly integrated with Opensea and begin selling digital assets.

About Cude Design:

Cude Design is an award-winning web design and Web 3.0 focused agency based in Surrey. The company holds vast experience of 13 years in developing websites for companies all across the UK. With the rise in blockchain technology, Cude Design now provides NFT-focused web development and marketplace creation services.

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