Dhruv Sampat, edtech veteran, on how Studypaq will help students ace their courses

April 08 18:38 2022

Sunnyvale, CA – April 8, 2022 – Dhruv Sampat is an edtech entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in the domain. He is currently Founder, Studypaq, an edtech platform that aims at making learning easier.

Prior to this, he was the Analytics Manager for Chegg, and Vice President-Analytics at Course Hero, an online learning platform for students. He joined the company in 2011 and helped to grow it into 1 billion USD in valuation.

Outside of work, he is passionate about table tennis and is a two-time US Open gold medalist. He likes to follow new technological developments in analytics and read books on leadership and strategic management. Dhruv holds a Master of Science degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, and a Master’s in Finance from Harvard.

Dhruv says,” The idea of Studypaq came from the realization that students were constantly hunting for reliable, enriched, easily accessible study content that would help them submit quality assessments and take exams confidently. We decided to create a product that would fulfill this need.”

The product, it was decided, would focus on ‘Digital study help and Online tutoring’ by providing trusted and curated study resources only.

The company obtains resources directly from students, puts them through an intensive process of validation using proprietary algorithms, screening them for accuracy, quality, and copyright issues and thereafter, makes them ready-to-access through 2 models – Give-to-get or Paid Subscription.

Adds Dhruv, ”The differentiator is the product’s 3 pillars – enriched study materials, resources to seek questions and get answers, and short practice quizzes to test your grasp of the topic.”

While Studypaq is currently available to Business, Science and Technology students only in the US and Canada, there are plans to include other subjects and take it to many more countries in the future.

Less than a year old as of date, the company already has a repository of 50K high- quality study materials sourced from more than 100 schools in the USA and Canada, with the number growing steadily.

Dhruv, who has himself been a student in the US while managing a job, says he empathizes with what college students go through. “You are strapped for time, probably working 2 jobs, supporting your family, and studying at the same time. There is emphasis on participating in extracurricular activities. You are planning for your career after you finish, maybe thinking of getting married. The stress is real.”

His mission is to continue work in the edtech space and assist students in a manner that would help understand course materials, empower them to seek and obtain solutions that would in turn enable appropriate application to nail examinations.

Dhruv signs off saying that challenging as it may be, no college student should ever feel isolated. “If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, reach out and seek help from the right sources. College life is potentially the most interesting phase of your life. So, plan well and have fun.”

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