TEGIC Quickbee 2-in-1 Multifunctional Power Station Launched on Kickstarter

April 08 20:38 2022

The Power bank can be fully recharged in 12 minutes and the charging station lets you charge all your devices at the same time!

TEGIC Quickbee 2-in-1 Multifunctional Power Station is being launched on Kickstarter, at < https://bit.ly/3tTb735>. The Quickbee power station comprises three parts—260W Charging Station(L1), Powerbank Charging Dock(L2), and 8000mAh Power Bank(L3)—that together offer users the chance of having a 12-min fully recharged power bank and a charging station for charging up to 4 devices at the same time.

While conventional power banks can only charge a few devices, going quickly out of battery and taking too long to recharge. Quickbee is equipped with the 8,000mAh power bank that fully recharges in only 12 minutes and that is capable of fully charging the iPhone13 1.5 times. 

Quickbee is also a charging system with 2 USB-A ports and 2 Type-C ports. With the aggregated peak power output of 260W, the system is unique on the market, allowing users to phones, cameras, tablets, and other gadgets efficiently and simultaneously.

Quickbee allows users to keep their desktops uncluttered since this system supports essentially all charging requirements without the need for other chargers and entangled cables to clutter working areas. Its design is also modern and sophisticated, combining cyberpunk tones with a transparent style to match functionality and amazing performance with a unique style.

Quickbee offers three different turbo power mode settings. The L3 unit has a Type-C and a Type-A port, satisfying every user’s most pressing charging requirements. The L2 unit is the gateway that bridges L1 and L3, and the L1’s 150w firepower that can charge and make L3 operational in 12 minutes.

Since overheating concerns would necessarily be on the table. Quickbee uses adapted gallium nitride technology to integrate as many power ports as possible and cooling fans for the charging dock that prevents overheating. Its powerbank is equipped with a supercapacitor, which makes the battery life longer and recharges much faster than other batteries.

Quickbee also features a specialized integrated software that monitors the power consumption of each charging port and accurately displays each charging operation on the 1.3’’ OLED display screen, letting the user know how each charging process is evolving.


TEGIC, was established in 2018, home to a group of tech enthusiasts from around the world. We believe that technology will bring joy to our lives, but most of the digital products today are not good enough to give us this experience. TEGIC is committed to combining advanced hardware technology with art because technology can be enjoyed in an artistic way, this is what we want to do. When using our product, you will feel how magical it is to use a piece of tech. We love making beautifully designed products and the Internet is the best place to connect with our users.

For more information, please visit < https://bit.ly/3tTb735 >

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