Tree Service Experts Merced Impresses Homeowner With Effective Fruit Tree Trimming

April 09 02:08 2022


Merced, California – For the last two days, Tree Service Experts Merced has been working on Newton’s orchard. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Merced was tasked with trimming 14 orange trees. The team reportedly did an impressive job, prompting the homeowner to consider making Tree Service Experts Merced his go-to company for all his tree trimming needs. 


“Every year,” said Newton, “a team of qualified professionals in Merced has to work on the orchard. The goal of doing this is to make the orange trees more productive. With Tree Service Experts Merced, however, it seems the company managed to achieve 2 different goals with one tree care procedure – the fruit trees are attractive and their crowns are open enough to provide maximum fruits during the next production season.” 

Newton noted that this is the first time he is using Tree Service Experts Merced. The companies he had used in the past did not produce satisfactory results. 

“The orchard has been producing fruits for about 5 years,” said Newton. “Each year, the family had to use a different Merced tree trimming team – the reason for this is because each team that worked on the trees did not produce satisfactory results. Without enough experience, the teams often removed random branches and left the trees healing unnecessary wounds.”

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Newton hired Tree Service Experts Merced when he realized the company had more than 25 years of experience. After doing his research online, he learned the company had numerous positive testimonials from customers who were impressed by its professional tree services in Merced. 

“The team arrived on the landscape armed with modern tree service tools,” said Newton. “None of the tree care companies the family had used in the past had brought a bucket truck – this company had this piece of modern machinery. Instead of climbing up the orange trees manually and breaking healthy branches with their weight, the company’s tree trimming team in Merced used the bucket truck to access the crown.” 

The homeowner noted that the company’s tree trimming was very precise. Before removing a branch from his fruit trees, the company reportedly assessed the effect the branch removal would have on the tree. The company only removed a branch after determining it would have a positive impact on both the tree’s appearance and productivity. 

“The orange trees are no longer overcrowded,” said Newton. “This means branches won’t have to compete for sunlight and nutrients. With the ability to maximize their photosynthesis, the orange trees will produce a large number of fruits.” 

Reporters reached out to the Tree Service Experts Merced CEO to understand whether fruit tree trimming is more complicated than normal tree trimming. The CEO noted that years of experience is all that it takes for a complicated procedure to be easy. 

“Tree Service Experts Merced has been in the Merced tree service industry for the last 2.5 decades,” said the company’s CEO. “During this period, the Merced tree trimming team has worked on thousands of fruit trees – from avocados and oranges to pear trees, the team has seen it all. When working on Newton’s landscape, all that the team had to do was use the knowledge they have gathered over the decades.” 

The company’s CEO noted that his company has been hired permanently by several fruit farmers in California. Working with these farmers every year, the company ensures that every spring when the trees start producing fruits, the production is impressive. The CEO added that his company felt honored that Newton was considering working with the team on a long-term basis. 

Tree Service Experts Merced offices are located at 1741 Ashby Rd, Merced, CA 95348, United States. Homeowners interested in tree service can reach the company via +1 209-497-8787 and [email protected]

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