TitanX Is Releasing The New Binance Launchpad Without Cost For A Limited Time

April 09 00:20 2022

TitanX Is Releasing The New Binance Launchpad Free For A Limited Time:On April 7, 2022, TitanX is releasing a new launchpad dashboard on Binance. TitanX is a full DeFi multi-tool platform. The new launchpad gives users the ability to track their portfolios, find opportunities, and manage their risks.

This is a real-time BSC data analysis, decentralized launchpad protocol. DeFi risk management system to help you maximize your gains and minimize your losses.

The company’s decentralized finance aims to build a new financial services ecosystem for our globally interconnected online population. Through crypto-based applications, Binance smart contracts, and various digital investment tools, DeFi provides alternative savings and investment options for anyone.

BSC data analysis is a solution to incentivize and reward all token stakes in an included way with a low barrier to entry.

BSC data analysis creates fair decentralized launches so that you can choose between a tier or a guaranteed allocation tier.

The company is tearing down the paywall to innovation you find at other launchpads. So much so that initially, users can get started for free.

Not only that, but 33% of all revenue from dApp gets added to a DAO which buys back and burns TitanX tokens. So the better the company does, the better the investors do.

This is a big thing for the company, and they are confident this is beneficial pay off in the long run. The new launchpad is part of a continuing effort to make cryptocurrency easy and accessible.

This launchpad is different because it is completely free to use at first. There are no paywalls or hidden fees. Everything is upfront and transparent.

The company also provides staking, NFTs, and numerous other features that make it a must-have for any serious crypto user. TitanX verse participates with $TitanWin 70% of the jackpot. $TitanX is an Bep-20 token.

This has an Intense 10-minute countdown timer. The user participates, and the countdown starts; if nobody participates within the countdown, your win 70% of the jackpot.

The TitanX Project is brought to fruition by a team of crypto enthusiasts and dreamers. The project’s goal is to simplify what crypto is and bring the opportunity to innovate your dreams right to your front door.

A full suite of crypto utilities to aid the users and a growing library of easily understood and free crypto informational videos to teach you.

The team comprises a wide variety of skills and experience, from tech to marketing. The TitanX team is passionate about what they do and committed to making your experience the best.

You can learn more about the TitanX Project by visiting their website or following them on social media.

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