Tree Service Experts Merced Uses Its Competitive Prices to Win a Tree Removal Project

April 09 10:03 2022

Merced, California – When Cathleen Griffin decided to remove 12 trees from her landscape to create a new driveway, she requested cost estimates from 10 different companies. Her goal was to compare the prices to determine which company would offer maximum benefits at an affordable price. 

Compared to the other companies, Tree Service Experts Merced had the most affordable price. Cathleen decided to hire Tree Service Experts Merced after realizing that it had numerous positive testimonials from previous customers. 

“The family wanted to work with an affordable company since the project was large and no one wanted a cost that would break the family’s bank account,” said Cathleen. “Tree Service Experts Merced had the most competitive price of the 10 companies that sent their estimates.”

“The tree removal procedure was large and even the family was expecting to spend some good money,” added Cathleen. “However, what surprised everyone in the family is that Tree Service Experts Merced quoted a price that fellow below the husband’s estimate by 10%.” 

According to Cathleen, her husband had initially thought that Tree Service Experts Merced had quoted a low price because of a lack of experience. To ascertain that he wouldn’t be hiring a Merced tree removal team that would increase the risk of property damage, the homeowner decided to research the company. 

“The husband was amazed after finding a stream of positive testimonials left behind by customers who had worked with Tree Service Experts Merced,” said Cathleen. “What’s even better, the company has been offering its services in Merced for more than 25 years. Its experience and an impressive record of successful projects convinced the family to hire the company.” 

“After hiring Tree Service Experts Merced, its Merced tree removal team worked fast,” said Cathleen. “It took the company less than two days to remove the trees together with their stumps. They cleaned the landscape and left it ready for paving to create a driveway.” 

To learn more about the affordable services offered by Tree Service Experts Merced, reporters contacted the company’s CEO. 

“The goal behind the company’s overly affordable tree service prices is to make professional tree services in Merced accessible to all homeowners,” said the Tree Service Experts Merced CEO. “The company wants every tree owner to be in a position to offer his or her trees the best care without struggling.”

“The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Merced maintains top-quality services despite charging lower prices,” added the CEO. “The most recent customer – Cathleen Griffin – enjoyed working with the team because none of her neighboring utilities suffered damage during tree removal. The team was also extremely effective when removing the tree stumps, filling the holes, and leveling her land.” 

Tree Service Experts Merced boasts experience in all types of tree care procedures. In addition to being the best tree removal company in Merced, the company is also known for its excellent tree trimming and tree pruning. 

“While Cathleen may have enjoyed tree removal,” said the Tree Service Experts Merced CEO, “the company is also concerned with tree health and keeping the urban forest alive. The company’s tree removal team in Merced has a strict policy that demands trees be only removed in cases where they cannot be saved or in cases where they are blocking property development. In the case of Cathleen, trees were blocking property development – this made tree removal necessary. In cases where trees are unhealthy or unattractive, the company uses services like tree pruning and tree trimming to improve their health and aesthetic appeal.” 

Tree Service Experts Merced base of operation is located at 1741 Ashby Rd, Merced, CA 95348, United States. You can, however, contact the company via +1 209-497-8787 and [email protected]

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