Davis Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Fix Damage Caused by a DIY Tree Trimming Procedure

April 09 11:15 2022


Davis, California – After realizing that his trees needed tree trimming while he was on a tight budget, Francis Mannings decided to handle the procedure himself. However, without experience and the right tree service tools, the homeowner ended up putting damage on most of his trees. Earlier this week, the homeowner hired Davis Tree Service Experts to fix the damage. 


“Last month,” said Francis Mannings, “just before initiating the DIY tree trimming procedure, the family checked its bank account and realized that most of the money had gone to the new business establishment. Since the family could not afford a professional Davis tree trimming team, DIY tree trimming looked like a good idea.” 

The homeowner told a group of reporters that he later learned DIY tree trimming was not such a good idea. 

“Whenever a team of tree cutting professionals work on the trees,” said Francis, “they give off the idea that tree trimming involves removing random branches from the tree crown. What the family did not understand is that tree trimming is both an art and a science. The art part helps experienced professionals improve the aesthetic appeal of trees while the science part helps the professionals avoid harming the tree’s health when improving its appearance.” 

Without a good understanding of the nature of trees, Francis Manning reportedly removed the wrong branches. The homeowner thought he was doing a good job while on the tree crown. However, he later realized he had damaged the tree crowns, giving them an unbalanced appearance when he came down. 

“The poor DIY trimming job left the landscape looking unimpressive,” said Francis. “The wife suggested hiring a professional team once the monthly salary came in.”

Francis had reportedly tried to avoid professional trimming because he thought it would be extremely expensive. Davis Tree Service Experts, however, surprised the homeowner with a very affordable price.

“When the family hired Davis Tree Service Experts,” said Francis, “the team reported to the worksite on the same day. The team worked hard to trim the 10 front yard trees and 5 backyard trees. The company later cleaned up the entire landscape, carrying the waste generated to the nearest dumpsite. For all the work the company handled, the price was extremely low – the family did not struggle to finance the procedure.”

The homeowner told reporters that after working with Davis Tree Service Experts, his trees’ aesthetic appeal was restored. Francis noted that his trees looked aesthetically appealing and healthy. 

“While DIY tree services may seem like a good way to save money,” said the Davis Tree Service Experts CEO, “they have a large number of negative outcomes. For starters, they can damage your trees – this was the case with Francis Mannings. Mannings was lucky because he had not inflicted too much damage on his trees – this is why the company was able to fix it for him. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Davis has come across homeowners who have suffered tree death, injuries, and even property damage from DIY tree service procedures.” 

The Davis Tree Service Experts CEO noted that his company has taken all the necessary steps to ensure professional tree trimming is accessible to homeowners. Among the steps the company has taken to reduce DIY tree trimming is lower the tree trimming cost. The CEO noted that the current tree trimming price works for everyone, including people operating under a very tight budget. 

Davis Tree Service Experts base of operation is located at 638 Cantrill Dr, Davis, CA 95618, United States. Homeowners, however, can reach the company by dialing +1 530-325-5401 or sending an email to [email protected]

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