Hendersonville Tree Service Experts Boosts Safety on Driveway with Tree Trimming

April 09 13:18 2022


Hendersonville, Tennessee – When the trees on Robert’s landscape started blocking the view on his driveway, the homeowner had to look for a team to improve the trees. The homeowner’s goal was to get a tree trimming team in Hendersonville that would not only improve safety on the driveway but also ensure the trees had an attractive appearance. 


“The trees had started developing branches that were riding too low on the tree trunk,” said Robert when explaining his experience with Hendersonville Tree Service Experts. “When driving on the driveway, one couldn’t see what was in front of him/her. Just last week, the wife and the kids were driving their vehicle and almost hit a friend who had to come to visit and was walking on the driveway.” 

Robert noted that the trees standing on both sides of his driveway were relatively new on the landscape. For this reason, the trees hadn’t been trimmed before. 

“The trees on the driveway were planted about 10 years ago,” said the homeowner. “The trees have just started approaching maturity recently. For this reason, the family hasn’t hired a team before to help with tree trimming. The increased driveway risk created by the trees, however, is the number one reason why the family had to hire Hendersonville Tree Service Experts.” 

Robert noted that Hendersonville Tree Service Experts had been recommended to him by a neighbor who had used the company severally. The neighbor indicated the company was very effective when it comes to improving trees. The homeowner reportedly researched the company online and his neighbor’s claims were confirmed – the company had numerous positive testimonials. 

“When the family contacted Hendersonville Tree Service Experts,” said Robert, “the company responded very quickly and sent a professional to inspect the trees on the landscape on the same day. The professional gave a detailed explanation on how his company would improve the trees on the landscape.” 

After receiving a quotation for the tree improvement procedure, Robert was reportedly fascinated by how affordable it was. The low price gave him some doubts since he thought Hendersonville Tree Service Experts was being cheap to cover the fact that its tree trimming team did not have the needed skills. 

“The family decided to give the team of tree cutting professionals a go-ahead,” said Robert. “The company arrived on the landscape early the next day to brief the family on the procedure before everyone left for work. When the family left, the wife did not believe that Hendersonville Tree Service Experts could do a good job.” 

The homeowner was surprised when he came back home and found his landscape very neat. The company exceeded his expectations. 

“The team of tree cutting professionals did not just raise the crowns to improve visibility,” said Robert. “The company also shaped them, giving them a uniform, attractive appearance that resembled other natural ornaments on the landscape.” 

Reporters contacted the Hendersonville Tree Service Experts CEO to understand why some trees block the view on paths. 

“While some trees do prune themselves naturally as they grow bigger,” said the company’s CEO, “some do retain all their branches. Others, like the ones on Robert’s landscape, are small. The low-hanging branches are the real culprit. The good news, however, is that crown raising fixes the problem.”

The CEO told the reporters that crown raising involves removing all branches falling under two-thirds of the tree height. According to the CEO, the tree crown should start at 67% of the tree’s height to ensure safety on landscapes. 

Hendersonville Tree Service Experts base of operation is located at 165 Indian Lake Blvd, Hendersonville, TN 37075, United States. The company can be contacted via +1 615-551-0754 and [email protected]

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