Renowned author D.M. Sorlie releases his newest murder mystery book “Magic Mirror”

April 11 13:42 2022
Known for his knack for historical fictional writing, D.M. Sorlie brings another compelling murder mystery tale that looks into a puzzling love story while a serial killer is on the loose.

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Renowned author D.M. Sorlie has released another murder mystery book, “Magic Mirror,” which revolves around a puzzling love story while a serial killer terrorized a peaceful lake area.

Published by Enchanted Island Publishing, his books are available from the Amazon digital book stores and on D.M. Sorlie’s website, which features all of his 18 books sold worldwide, including the audiobooks D.M. Sorlie narrates himself.

D.M. Sorlie has made headway in the industry with a historical fiction niche bannered under the name Sue Lee Mystery series, historical fiction stories starting at the beginning of World War Two following the timeline of the war. The series continues into the post-war years recovering artworks looted during the war.

Sorlie’s said Sue Lee Mysteries started in an antique store in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was browsing through newspapers about World War II, especially Pearl Harbor. He came across a pre-war article about Japanese-Americans. One article requested those fluent in the Japanese language contact the Presidio Army base in San Francisco. In the event of war against the Japanese, Army Intelligence realized that they had very few personnel who could speak the language or understand the Japanese culture.

“I envisioned an intelligent young lady, Sue Lee Ono, a graduate of Stanford University, fluent in languages. Enlisted by Army intelligence to teach the Japanese language and codebreaking at the Presidio army base in San Francisco. I then conceived a puzzling murder that Sue Lee needs to solve to save her family name following the timeline of World War Two with secrets lurking in the shadows.”

On, “Magic Mirror” has a whopping 1,404 ratings, with many book readers commending the book.

In a review on Amazon, Alexa Sommers described the postwar series “Magic Mirror” as a “fun mystery with all the elements” book readers are looking for.

Rachael Price, who rated Magic Mirror with five stars, wrote: “If you’re looking for something to pass away a quiet Sunday afternoon, this is a good choice, not too heavy but keeps you entertained all the way throughout.”

JP said she has read D.M. Sorlie’s books and enjoyed them all. 

“There has been a lot of research in his writing. They keep you in suspense. I will look forward to the next book,” JP wrote in a review.

DM Sorlie, a talented author that has made a name for himself in the industry, has 18 books available on his website.

His other top-rated books include Caribbean Gold, Operation Washtub, Villa Adele Murder, Géant-Christmas, My Friend Amelia, Merry-Go-Round, Klondike Journal, Concealment, Lost Buddha, Deceptive Message, Counter Deception, Deceptions of War, A Time of Deception, and Enigma’s of War.

D.M. Sorlie is about to release another postwar book titled “Ancient Murder.” People can read the prologue on his website.

Those who wish to learn more about D.M. Sorlie and his best-selling books may visit his website for more information.

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