IFAT is Providing its Users an Opportunity to Become Pro Animal trainers at a very Minimal Fee

April 11 14:27 2022
The Institute for Animal Training, or IFAT, is an animal training academy in India where students can enroll and learn about their favorite animals. The academy also offers animal trainers courses.

The Institute for Animal Training LLP (IFAT) has finally started an animal trainers’ academy where users will be offered mastery in dog training and certificates in horse trainer courses.

IFAT is a leading animal training academy in India that assists students in learning more about animals, their behaviour and training. The academy does not primarily target students. Instead, it provides training to anyone from the general public who is curious to know more about animals, engaging with them, and studying how they (animals) act in human society. The academy is dedicated to creating a world populated with pet family members rather than just pets.

For the time being, IFAT will be offering recognized animal trainer courses for five different animals: dogs, horses, birds, elephants, and marine animals. Aside from academic classes, the academy will also offer its enrollees practical courses for dog, avian, and marine animal trainings.

The academy is also linked with several domestic and international animal training academies, marine animal training academies, government institutions, and animal trainers’ groups.

Because a large portion of IFAT’s client base is now online, IFAT is delighted to announce the launch of online training courses on Zoom Meeting. Enrollees can schedule a one-on-one consultation call with the academy’s trainers.

The training course offered by IFAT will allow students to learn about their favorite animals from animal experts, behaviorists, and scientists. Learners will have the opportunity to study any animal from the inside out. These courses are also available to everyone who has access to the internet (including practical classes). Enrollees at IFAT will have the option to study, but they will also have the opportunity to work. The academy can assist students in obtaining employment or an internship anywhere in the world.

Institute for Animal Training (IFAT) is India’s only academy that offers a variety of animal trainers and behavior courses all under one roof. Enrollees can now become professional dog trainers or horse trainers at a nominal fee.

For more information, customers can visit https://ifat.co.in or email [email protected].

Customers can also follow IFAT on www.facebook.com/ifateducation or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDpiY-CYygPWcINyOuaQelw.

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