No Chat App Offers a Clever Way To Communicate Using A Phone Screen

April 11 13:32 2022

No Chat, a slick new app that helps you get someone’s attention by flashing your phone screen. Picture being in a loud bar or restaurant, and rather than yell your drink order, you hold up your phone. That is the idea of No Chat, to allow you to create a quick custom message displayed on your phone. It seems silly, but it works quite well. In fact, I used it today leaving my NYC office to hail a cab. I can see using it in a bunch of other scenarios like closing a tab at a restaurant or placing a drink order.

How it works:

I reached out to the app creator after using it a bit and found out that he patented the idea and has a bunch of new features coming soon “What started out with my buddies as a joke in a bar to get a drink faster, turned into a useful app to communicate” said Matt Hagens, creator of No Chat. “The app continues to grow users organically and has a ton of fun uses like — Hailing a Taxi, Telling a Lyft or Uber where you are, communicating with an Artist, Bartender, or Server all with your own mini billboard flashed on your phone screen.”

Don’t yell, flash your phone screen.

You can try No Chat for yourself here:

One-man band

Hagens, who says he is a one-man band—coder/creator/marketer—actually caught the attention of serial entrepreneur David S. Rose, who called it “a cool little app” with lots of uses. For Rose, No Chat makes calling a cab a lot easier in New York City. Hagens has applied for Shark Tank and reached out to a few angel investors like Rose. “I’m getting positive feedback, but as of right now it’s purely self-funded,” he said.

Install No Chat:

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