36 Most aspiring debut authors of 2022

April 11 15:30 2022
36 Most aspiring debut authors of 2022

SharePoint Press (A SIV Unit) welcomes 36 most aspiring debut authors of 2022 picked by them.

• Aishini Banerjee lets her imagination run wild and pens them down with the words alike. Her book fog of my heart – 1 has been released and is doing a phenomenal job

• Sahaj Sabharwal is a young individual from Jammu and his book ‘Pedagogical thoughts made facts’ is a combination of poetries, thoughts and facts

• Saumya Kinnari is a young 12 year old boy whose book “Meri Parchai, meri Kavitaye is a combination of poems written by him recently

• Janani R. is a highly talented individual and her book ‘GOODLUCK: The Journey of Life’ is best recommended to read when your mind goes off

• Raghav Chauhan is a passionate author and his book “Jeevan Manthan” is very inspiring for every young individual in today’s generation

• Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani is a perfectionist whose book “The Flame in my heart” is a combination of her poetries and her thoughts

• Lucky Pandey is a world record holder author whose book “Pyar ka Ehsas” is based on the theme love and feelings

• Anurag Bharti is a passionate writer and author of “Ehsaas – Ek meethi Chubhan” a book based on the feelings and emotions.

• Batra Guru Das (Himanshu Batra) was born in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.  His entire life was mainly spent in Ghaziabad.  For the last many years, students are getting education from him on different educational subjects. Apart from poetry, they are also interested in story writing. His Book Name Is ‘zindagi ek ratjagha’

• Sanjeet Kumar, A Marvelous Poet from Bihar, mostly inks out his thoughts in poetic way with heart touching words. Published beautiful collections of poetry named MERE EHSAANSON KA KARWAAN.

• Akshay Kumar, A multitasking  personality who is highly dedicated toward his writing, passionate about his journey of becoming the Brand.  He wrote his 1st book With You (Best Selling Book), And now going to launch the conclusion book named A Way.  (A unique story of Ray)

• Prakash Goenka, A Young Author of Rajasthan, Who is fond of poetry since childhood, He wrote many songs, poems, and web series(marathi).  We can see his inking magic in his book Time To Murder (Madcap).

• Dipanjan Bhattacharjee, Engineer by profession but author by passion who got Poetry Celebrity Award and Advance Diploma in Poetry . He published many books one of our favorite is Haunting Of The Hilly Hamlet

• Tanisha Singh, A Young motivational published author who is  from Madhya Pradesh, Did many anthologies and also launched her solo book Look In My Mind

• Mohammed Parvez Khan Hakim, A motivational and practical  author who is great at writing in Urdu, English & Hindi.  Started journey as co author and now gonna launch his 1st solo book named Alfaaz E Parvez (Hindi-Urdu Book)

• Rahul Gehlot, An greatly skilled poet from Rajasthan, who started writing quotes and became a poet, his 1st book I love And Life is national best selling book on kindle. Currently he is working on his novel

• Anita Rajani, A Reiki and Crystal Grandmaster, a Tarot reader, a Hypnotherapist, an Inner Child Integration Therapist and an author. She has published her own book Shivshakti The Continous Continuum.

• Arun Malik, An Internationally acclaimed author of India who wrote really appreciable 8 books like Courting Happiness, Winning over life,  Positivity is Hatching Etc.

• Bhushita Ahuja, A Multitasking author of the book Open Your Wardrobe For Answers which is based on clothing psychology,  She has crowned as 2nd runner up of alee Club’s miss teen 2021 and well known for her chess skills.

• Souvik Roy, young mind with bright future and a passionate writer is the author of “His Last Words: Fate Can Be Truly Be Precarious” a book based on thrill and suspense.

• Surendra Mohan an IRS officer is a writer by heart. He is the author of ‘Hausale ki Oonchi Udaan’ a book which inspires civil aspirants to fight their economic situations.

• Pooja Grover is a marvelous player of words. She is the author of ‘Did you say Life, I heard Love’ a book on spiritual love story.

• Prashant Kaul is the best-selling and a well-known name on publication industry. He is the author of ‘It’s Got to be Love’, ‘Seven’ and ‘I Am Sorry My Love’. All are on different themes, as one is romantic so other will take u on roller coaster of emotions.

• Pankaj Giri has won numerous reputed awards and won the Best Author (Fiction) at Indian Literary Awards 2020 is the author of ‘The Fragile Thread of Hope’ a book based on the theme

• Dr. Pawan Verma is a person of name and position, is the author of ‘Unbroken’ is of the best in section of crime thrill and ‘Age of the Imperfect Leader’ which was based on leadership.

• Fawaz Jaleel is a affectionate word player and the author of ‘Nobody Likes An Outsider’ a book.

• Bonnie Garmus is a copywriter/creative director who has worked for a wide range of clients, focusing primarily on technology, medicine, and education. She is author of the book Lessons in Chemistry

• Megan Nolan lives in London and was born in 1990 in Waterford, Ireland. Her novel Acts of Desperation is one of the bestselling novels

• Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari is an Indian filmmaker and writer. Her novel is mapping love.

• Anindita Ghose is a writer and journalist based in Mumbai. She was previously the Editor of the Saturday magazine Mint Lounge and the Features Director of Vogue India. Her novel is the illuminated.

• Parinda Joshi was born and raised in Ahmedabad and later immigrated to Los Angeles with her new husband. There she wrote her book “Made in China”

• Mohit Jain is author of “what the young don’t tell”. He is a 23-year-old post-millennial, possessed of all the angst typical for the generation.

• “Life in the Clock Tower Valley” is the debut book of Press Trust of India (PTI) journalist Shakoor Rather. The book is published by Speaking Tiger

• Surender Mohan Pathak is an author of Hindi-language crime fiction with nearly 300 novels to his credit.

• Sarbajit Chowdhury is the author of The Sluggish Fire book released this year.

• Reshma Bhattacharyya is the author of “my unvoiced musings”. It is a collection of her self written poems

These are the 36 Best Debut Authors by SharePoint Press (A SIV Unit)

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