Institute of Global Sustainability Certification (IGSC) Introduces Upcycle Product Certification for The First Time

April 11 16:50 2022
Institute of Global Sustainability Certification (IGSC) Introduces Upcycle Product Certification for The First Time

The Institute of Global Sustainability Certification (IGSC) claimed to have developed the world’s first upcycle product certification scheme for all products related to upcycling including upcycling of food. While eco-friendly production and ethical consumption are becoming a hot topic in the global market, upcycled products are considered a representative ethical product and offer good perception to MZ consumers who are interested in sustainability and eco-friendly consumption. Thus, upcycling is now developing into an industry.

In particular, upcycling food does not simply utilize waste that remains and is discarded or cannot be eaten. About 4% of the crops grown every year are not harvested but reclaimed as waste because the value of the products decreases either because they are too large, too small, or just not good to look at. Upcycling food using these agricultural products is a great opportunity for the environment, food, and economy.

Upcycling is a recycling method that redesigns useless or discarded objects such as by-products and waste materials and regenerates them into objects of high artistic and environmental value. Rather than simply recycling products that are thrown away for a specific purpose, it takes existing shapes or roles and adds new designs to make new products that are better utilized without dismantling them. It is different from downcycling in which the material of the original product is completely modified and used.

For upcycling foods, the Upcycled Food Association launched the world’s first upcycled certified program. However, there was no certification system for products such as upcycled fashion and upcycled furniture.

Therefore, IGSC aims to spearhead this upcycling sector. The Institute of Global Sustainability Certification(IGSC) has earned the ISO 17065 recognition for its upcycling scheme as an internationally accepted certification system.

ISO 17065 is an international standard for evaluating the suitability of product certification bodies, recognized by ISO 17065, which means that certification bodies are proven capable of operating internationally accepted certification systems.

The IGSC operates an upcycling certification system to encourage upcycling products by companies and to revitalize the upcycling industry.

Upcycling certification is largely divided into upcycling material certification and upcycling product certification. Upcycling material certification is for materials that use upcycled materials to reduce or minimize waste.

Meanwhile, IGSC also provides various global certification services related to overseas export for domestic manufacturers, and is expanding its scope to zero-waste, plastic-free, upcycling certification and food-related certification such as vegan, GMO free, and cosmetics-related certification such as coral reef friendly and clean beauty certifications.

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