KYCCOIN: Earn passive income with KYC Coin Easter Saving

April 11 17:12 2022
KYCCOIN: Earn passive income with KYC Coin Easter Saving

Today, people all over the world are worried about the economic and financial crisis. The crisis is sparing no one. And the speed with which the chaos is spreading leaves no doubt that in the near future it will increasingly involve the whole world. This has prompted people to think about protecting their savings. There has been a growing interest in cryptocurrency for cash transfers and earning passive income. Creating additional sources of income is rather a necessity in the increasingly unstable economic situation.

The XT exchange, which is the leading crypto trading exchange infused with social trading capabilities, offers everyone to participate in the Easter campaign. Easter is one of the most important traditional holidays celebrated around the world every spring. Any user who has an account on the XT exchange and stores KYCC (cryptocurrency) in their wallet can participate in this event for a profit. Participants do not need to have a lot of capital to invest.

Start time: (2022/04/18 06:00 (UTC))

Token name: (KYCC)

Expected APY: (77%)

Interest rate calculation time: (T+1)

Subscription range: (13-13000)

Total quantity: (623377)

Lockup period: (30) Days

Purchase period: (2022/04/18 06:00-2022/05/02 06:00 (UTC))

It is possible to get an interest income from one’s savings by accumulating cryptocurrency automatically. All it takes is to open a deposit in KYCC and earn up to 77% per annum. This is a great option for earning passive income. The offer is limited, so participants need to take advantage of it in time.

It’s quite easy to make the savings work when one wants to rest, and most importantly, to keep them in a reliable cryptocurrency. After all, KYCC was created to make cryptocurrency payments and investments easy, fast and safe.It is based on its own blockchain, which uses an advanced privacy algorithm and a creative dynamic supply chain regulation protocol. Anyone who owns KYC coins can stake and receive rewards.KYCC is an advanced and highly secure technology that is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism. This choice is due to many factors, in particular the concern for security and the desire to provide the most comfortable conditions of use for stakers, miners, professionals, and novice users of cryptocurrencies.

Passive income is a great source of earnings that can not only increase monthly profits but maybe even ensure financial independence in the future. 

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