Rodent and Lightning Protection Measures For outdoor optical Fiber Cables

April 11 18:08 2022

How to prevent rodents and lightning in outdoor optical cables? With the increasing popularity of 5G networks, the scale of outdoor optical cable coverage and pull-out optical cables has continued to expand. Because the long-distance optical cable uses optical fiber to connect distributed base stations, the base station and the intra-office base station are connected at a distance of 100-300 meters, so that they will not be injured by mice and lightning strikes. Therefore, the problem of rodent and lightning protection of the long-distance optical cable is very important. But at the same time, considering the function of anti-rat and lightning protection, it is also more complicated.

he general anti-rodent function is to put the steel armor tube on the remote optical cable into it, one of which is designed to put the armor tube on the inner layer of the cable jacket, and the other is designed to put the armor tube on the outside of the jacket Floor. However, the armored tube can conduct electricity, and after a lightning strike is introduced into the launch tower, it may be received by the optical fiber assembly, thereby destroying the elongated optical fiber and even causing a fire.

In response to this, steel armor is added to the optical cable sheath, and a flexible wire is added to the lightning protection device to prevent lightning strikes. Cut the fiber outer sheath for a circle along the radial direction, then snap the conductive ring into the incision position, then apply glue to the incision for bonding and sealing, and then add a metal tube to the outer layer for protection. In this way, the high-voltage arc generated by the lightning protection device is absorbed by the armored tube, and a lightning current is generated. Anti-rat, anti-lightning indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable flexible cord can send the generated current into the ground, thereby reducing and avoiding the damage caused by lightning to the optical cable or equipment.

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