American Truck Drivers Inc Is Using the Far-Reaching Power of Social Media to Educate Drivers on the Importance of Safe Driving

April 11 19:54 2022
The company’s community of truck drivers who double as followers remain the source of video clips that are helping to create awareness on driving safely

Truck driving is an integral aspect of the transportation sector but is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States today. Large trucks are responsible for 9% of all fatal crashes on American roads and this can be attributed to distractions while driving, driving when tired, over speeding, drunk driving, flouting speed limits, violating road signs to mention a few. American Truck Drivers is a company that is determined to drastically reduce the rates of truck accidents through an innovative approach – the use of videos.  

American Truck Drivers Inc has immense online presence with social media handles on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Truck drivers provide clips and videos captured from their dashcams or phones, showing the different situations that happen on the road and that could cause accidents. The company then uses the clips and videos sent in by their social media followers to create awareness on safe driving.

American Truck Drivers is one of the oldest organizations operating in this niche since they began in 2012. In those formative years, the company has built a strong community of followers who are mostly truck drivers. These truck drivers have become more than just followers but are now family. These clips are incorporated into the company’s content and are used to develop educational content and spread the message.  American Truck Drivers believe that a view of their videos a day can keep truck accidents away.

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About American Truck Drivers

American Truck Drivers founded in 2012 is owned by Besar H. who is a content creator and developer with 20 years of experience in the field. American Truck Drivers is building awareness among drivers and promoting safe driving on the road. To achieve this mission, American Truck Drivers create videos that show various situations that happen daily on the road that are captured by dashcams. These videos aptly deliver the message of the importance of safe driving to their audience.

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