Aqwane Metaverse Project Brings Exciting, Innovative VR and Interconnected Games to Metaverse

April 12 01:42 2022

Aqwane, a metaverse composed with several universes and a catalogue of interconnected virtual reality (VR) play-to-earn games, has been recognized as one of the most promising up-and-coming VR experiences of 2022.

The exciting project recently announced the first virtual reality MMORPG will be coming to its in-game universe, which will bring VR-optimized games for PC, console, and mobile phones together in an interactive universe with multiple planets. Within this universe, interactive play-to-earn games with functioning virtual ecosystems, based on the Nouqouds (NQD) cryptocurrency, will take hold on different planets as the virtual universe grows and develops.

Players will be able to choose a game they want to play, use their Nouqouds (NQD) cryptocurrency in the virtual economy, and then seamlessly switch to others games where they can meet new players easily.

The first planet in the Aqwane metaverse will host an open world MMORPG with several environments, including forest, mountain, and desert landscapes with their own cities and villages, and feature markets, academies, guild halls, headquarters, and even floor-based dungeons with high rewards. Each landscape will also have various specificities, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages that challenge players to survive and thrive. Additionally, a second planet will be a neutral zone where players from all other planets can meet and interact with companies in built virtual shops, host events, watch or participate in tournaments, and engage others in an immersive, interactive space. The Aqwane metaverse will expand to offer the best and most innovative games over time.

“Aqwane is a metaverse project that means multiple universes in Arabic, and the cryptocurrency which will be used on it is Nouqouds (NQD), which means currency in Arabic,” remarked Abdourahman, President of Aqwane. “We are excited to launch this project for gamers and VR reality fans worldwide,” he added.

Within the universe, players will interact using the Nouqouds (NQD) cryptocurrency, which is built on the Polygon blockchain for its low transaction fees. NQD will be exchangeable to buy tools, land, and in-game items, and to otherwise transact and do business with players in a thriving virtual environment. Nouqouds tokens can be obtained through in-game missions, in-game achievements, airdrops, private sale, pre-sale, public sale, a token market, game incomes, and more.

The next available opportunity will be at a private sale on Pinksale starting April 30th, where the NQD token will be at its lowest price, just $0.0025. The token price will then grow in the next sales to $0.003 in the pre-sale, $0.005 in the first public sale, $0.007 in the second public sale, $0.009 in the third public sale, and $0.01 at the listing.

To be able to participate in the private sale and get the tokens at the lowest price yet, join the whitelist on the discord server. To learn more, please visit, or visit Twitter, Telegram.

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