Property management services have gone online, ManyRoofs is the first platform for ordering guaranteed tenant placement services online for a transparent flat fee

April 12 02:21 2022

USA – is an innovative platform that helps landlords and real estate investors save thousands and dollars and have the convenience of ordering ad hoc online property management services online at any time when needed. There is a growing industry trend that landlords/investors are dropping property management companies in favor of self-managing their properties with the help of professionals when needed. platform is designed for these landlords and investors. By making use of Artificial Intelligence and building streamlined software, ManyRoofs can place tenants quicker and make the process easier and hassle-free.

Before, landlords, and investors had to call property management companies or real estate agents to compare prices of property management and tenant placement services, These agents and property management firms cost thousands of dollars for providing their services. aims to reduce this cost significantly by providing a reliable online platform that connects landlords and real estate investors to local, licensed leasing expert agents. Together with ManyRoofs’ proprietary AI technology and software, ManyRoofs is able to provide the best tenant placement services at a significantly cheaper price, yet a better user experience for the landlords.

Being the first platform for owners and real estate investors to online order ad hoc property management services, ManyRoofs give landlords and investors a new option of property management that had never existed before. ManyRoofs reduces the cost by 60% while being twice as faster. What’s even better about ManyRoofs, is that the landlords only have to pay the fee when a tenant has been placed. This method offers a no-risk and safe tenant placement service. Additionally, the landlords are given a choice of selecting the right tenant for their properties.

In just four easy steps, anyone can find quality tenants across all the states of the USA. The first step involves signing up and submitting some information about the property. Next, a dedicated ManyRoofs agent gets assigned to the applicant. Users can then track the progress of their properties while communicating anytime with the agent. Once the tenants have thoroughly been checked, they are listed in front of the user dashboard, from where they can select whomever they find the most suitable.

Ken Goo, while talking about ManyRoofs, and how it saves the hassle, says: “Traditional property management companies/real estate agents charge landlords/investors one month’s rent, which is up to $4000, for the service! charges only $750. Landlords/real estate investors save thousands of dollars. AI and great streamlined software make this happen.

The vast network of ManyRoofs with local, licensed real estate agents ensures that the landlords receive the best services and experience for placing quality tenants for their properties. Backed by ManyRoofs’s 100% satisfaction guarantees, landlords have the option to switch or replace agents at any time. ManyRoofs software also provides a great user experience for the tenants and makes the process easy for all parties.

About ManyRoofs:

ManyRoofs is an online platform that ensures quick tenant placement and leasing services through a reliable channel. The company matches the landlords with local, licensed real estate agents who have years of experience in their field. ManyRoofs removes the cost barrier that is posed by real estate management firms and provides an AI-powered, dedicated platform at a much lesser price.

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