Mythological author Nilesh Kumar Agarwal first time releases a fictional story “NIDHI AUR NILESH KI ALAG DUNIYA”

April 12 04:21 2022

Everyone knows about the ideology of Nilesh Kumar Agarwal, he is one of the famous writers and is determined towards bringing change in the thinking of society. No one is better than him in explaining the matter of the interest of society. Every person has some emotions, which he expresses by speaking or writing. But love is such a feeling which is not at all easy to explain. In this effort, he has written his new book “Nidhi aur Nilesh ki Alag Duniya” (Notionpress; Amazon; Flipkart; Rs.160). Which is a fictional story to tell, but, through this story he has also tried to tell few things related to his life and expressed his feeling. Everyone faces troubles in life, but you face them or run away from them. It is a personal decision of a person and accordingly his further journey goes on. Through this book, he wants to convey a message to a particular person. Now we don’t know who’s that special person but the person seems very lucky, for whom he has written this book. On Diwali, he has also done a very beautiful program like ‘Ramayana Rahasya’ in association with ‘Radio City India’ and in collaboration with famous singer ‘Madhushree” which is available on YouTube. He also run an NGO “NILESH STAALLION FOUNDATION” to assist humans and animals medically. Within 6 months his NGO supported 20+ campaigns, vaccinated more than 34 dogs and it also sponsors spaying of street dogs. Anyone can raise funds and donate funds for the campaigns listed on the website through a very easy process.

This story will help you to understand the difference between the real world and the dream world. By reading this story you will know that if a person is determined to do something, then no power can stop him. Because it is very easy to leave something, it is difficult to keep doing that work. By reading this you will also understand that anything can happen in your life at any time. You should always be ready for that. You cannot change what has to happen, but you can more or less influence it with your ideology. Nilesh Kumar Agarwal has also faced a lot of difficulties in his life, in these ten years of his life, the changes he has seen in himself are a source of inspiration for any person. His all books are available in INDIA, UK and USA online stores for all his readers through Amazon, Flipkart, NotionPress. His earlier books, which have been written in an attempt to educate society about their traditions and knowledge of our ancestors, have been well-liked by their readers. His new project ‘KABIR KE DOHE AUR RAMAYANA’ is an interesting project as the Kabir’s dohas’s are explained through examples from ‘RAMAYANA’. It will be very interesting, As no one had ever tried doing that in past.

The stories written by every writer are interesting at times because their experiences are included in their writing. Through this book, he wants to convey his message to someone special in his life. We hope that this effort of his is successful and he get his love back in his life.

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