Fearless of the Inevitable: Andrea Williams Tackles Depression And Suicide In New Self Help Book

April 12 04:42 2022
Fearless of the Inevitable: Andrea Williams Tackles Depression And Suicide In New Self Help Book
Published in November last year, the new self-help book is a suicide prevention tool that also offers comfort to families who have lost loved ones to the grip of depression

Andrea Williams is pleased to announce that people currently battling anxiety and depression, can turn to her new self-help book to get first-hand advice on how to navigate out of negative thinking.

The recently published work is a suicide prevention tool, written on the author’s experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts. Titled Fearless of the Inevitable, Andrea Williams provides insight into the problem of depression, using her own life as an example of what is possible when people begin to consciously see themselves in a new light.

“I wrote this book intending to help encourage someone to live life fearlessly and courageously. This book will help guide your thoughts, shift your perspective, and create a plan worth living.” – Andrea Williams.

Andrea, who has also lost loved ones to the suicide, says the new self-help book also provides comfort to other bereaved families like herself, offering words of encouragement, as well as detailed steps and strategies that will help them find the fortitude to bear the pain.

The 42-page publication is barely 6 months old but has continued to attract rave reviews on Amazon where it is currently available for purchase. Previous readers have described the work as a true masterpiece – admiring the sincerity of Andrea’s writing, and affirming the genuineness of her experiences.

“I loved Andrea’s vulnerability in her book, the physical and metaphorical steps she walked. What a great way to reflect in our inward way by taking inventory of our thoughts to navigate through our moments of fear and despair. A book that makes us think, and take proper inventory of our life here on this earthly plane.” – Sara E.

“I truly enjoyed this book, it was such a real book. You could tell the author really poured her heart into it! I highly recommend it. Must read! Must buy!” – Susan.

Anyone interested in learning more about this new book can purchase a copy of Fearless of the Inevitable on Amazon, by simply clicking the following link: https://www.amazon.com/Fearless-Inevitable-Andrea-D-Williams/dp/0578311917/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=fearless+of+the+inevitable&qid=1649370423&sprefix=fearless+of+the%2Caps%2C125&sr=8-1

About The Author

Andrea Williams is an I.T Project Manager, model, and proud owner of a thriving Nutrition Coaching business. Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Andrea used her long history of battling depression and suicidal thoughts, to create the new book as a tool to help others get out of the cycle of depression, using the same insight she received from her fervent prayers to God.

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