Cursor Insight Ltd. Launches New Cybersecurity Software, Graboxy Sentinel

April 12 06:17 2022
Leading providers of cybersecurity solutions, Cursor Insight Ltd., announces the launch of Graboxy Sentinel, a unique cybersecurity software that protects enterprises from corporate account takeovers

The team at Cursor Insight has again raised the bar in the cybersecurity solutions market with the launch of another groundbreaking product, Graboxy Sentinel. The product is designed as a continuous biometric authentication solution and comes with a unique technology that stands it out from other similar solutions in the market.

The cybersecurity industry has grown significantly over the years to become a multi-billion-dollar market as more brands emerge from different parts of the world to meet the diverse needs of clients. A recent Statista report put the size of the global cybersecurity market at $217.9 billion in 2021. It also projected the market size to hit $345.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2026, with the increasing awareness of cyber threats leading to rising investment in cybersecurity infrastructure worldwide. The amazing figures have not necessarily translated into customer satisfaction, especially as many of the available solutions do not particularly match the level of sophistication of cybercriminals. However, Cursor Insight. has remained committed to ensuring the protection of its clients and their properties, a claim substantiated by the launch of Graboxy Sentinel.

Graboxy Sentinel is designed to offer continuous biometric authentication, protecting enterprises from corporate account takeovers. Described as “the world’s most accurate biometric movement analysis technology,” Graboxy Sentinel uses the company’s proprietary AI technology to learn and analyze the users’ cursor movements, which are just as unique as handwriting. If the real-time cursor movement analysis shows a divergence from the user’s biometric profile, Graboxy Sentinel flags the fraudulent user accessing the account. Flagged users can be locked out or re-verified using traditional multi-factor authentication methods. 

The cybersecurity product is versatile and can be used with enterprise accounts, home offices for remote work, or online banking and payment services. Previous products and the team of Cursor Insight already enjoyed rave reviews from different categories of users for their innovative solutions. “The professional and approachable team behind Graboxy truly understands the scientific demands of cutting-edge technology research. They designed and carried out high-quality research projects and are clearly capable of commercializing the outcomes,” said Adam Feldmann, Head of Big Data Research Group, University of Pecs.

Speaking on the relevance of Graboxy Sentinel, Tamas Zelczer, CEO of Cursor Insight Ltd said, “Critical times can be great opportunities for innovation. The whole company working from home during the pandemic made us worry more about cyber threats. That’s when we decided to apply our expertise in movement analysis to building cybersecurity solutions capable of protecting accounts and computers that are used outside the safe office infrastructure. As working from home remained the norm to some extent pretty much everywhere, we hope that our innovative biometric authentication solution will have a lasting positive impact on the world of cybersecurity.”

For further information about Graboxy Sentinel and how to leverage the revolutionary cybersecurity product for business protection, visit – and Vimeo.

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