The Thoughtful Chef cookbook by Lisa Stalvey – Coady

April 12 15:02 2022

The Thoughtful Chef cookbook by Lisa Stalvey – Coady, is a culmination of eclectic recipes from over the last 20 of her 44 years of her professional cooking career, which is based on organic, clean, as close to local as you can get, and healthier more high-quality baking ingredients. Some nutritional information about some of the foods in the recipes is discussed as well. This cookbook is for anyone who wants easy to make, healthier recipes. It is also mostly gluten-free but can also be easily replaced with regular flour wherever it’s used. Lisa’s need to be creative and physical at what she wanted to do in life was a priority and this satisfied these needs more than she ever dreamed it would. Lisa has cooked in some of the greatest restaurants in Los Angeles. Her first apprenticeship was at Ma Maison under Wolfgang Puckin 1979, the most infamous restaurant that catered mostly to the stars. This is where she fell in love with food. In 1980, Lisa went on to L’Orangerie, a very elegant and highly acclaimed restaurant, as her second apprenticeship. She then worked briefly under Ken Frank of La Toque in 1982, another highly acclaimed restaurant and well-known chef. Lisa’s most notable job was at Spago, and hugely popular, boasting one of the first open kitchens in the country in 1984. After 2 years, Lisa became Wolfgang’s head chef in 1986, her greatest accomplishment to date.

Then in 1993, Lisa had an opportunity to open a restaurant in Malibu called, Bambu, as an executive chef, and partner. Bambu and Lisa were an instant success from day one which also featured a sushi bar along with Lisa’s eclectic, no fuss, farm-to-table, and healthy cuisine. While there, she won awards for one of the Top 100 Chefs in America, bringing innovative ideas into the new millennium, in 1995, 1996, and 1997. After Bambu, Lisa was discovered by Paul Newman in 1998, recruiting her to consult for Newman’s Own, creating 2 sauces, and writing 2 cookbooks for the company. After this, Lisa started Lucky Girl Catering in 2001, which became The Malibu Chef in 2005 and still going strong in 2022. She has cooked for some very famous and influential people throughout the years, especially as the chef at Spago. She is also the creator and CEO of Butter Barn Butter, a gluten-free, non-gmo, grass-fed, organic cookie and brownie company, and sells her products online and at all Erewhon Markets in Los Angeles, as well as some healthier markets around the country. Some of her creations from Butter Barn Butter are in The Thoughtful Chef cookbook as well.

“My passion for cooking and creating is a spiritual experience. It’s a meditation that runs deep into my soul. I want the very best of my energy to go into the food I cook for my clients, family, and friends. Many have said they feel better after eating my food which is the highest compliment anyone could ever give me. I hope this cookbook translates this feeling to you and your kitchen. I never wanted to look at my work as a job, and blessed as I am, I’ve never worked a day in my life.” – Lisa Stalvey-Coady

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